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What to Know Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer?

Hiring a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make while wedding planning. After all those months it took you to put together the wedding of your dreams, all you are left with are your memories and photos. And if your wedding is the first event you have organized, you must know some key elements before signing a contract. 


Wedding photographers have different styles. 


Just like any other artist, a photographer always has their style. Some photographers prefer to shoot very posed images with a traditional approach. Others have more of a journalistic style, and they capture your wedding day without much intervention because they want real and spontaneous images. You can also find those who have a combination of both styles. 


To find the style you prefer, we recommend that you watch many portfolios and complete albums of your possible wedding photographers. It is easy to nail one good portrait, but you need a professional who can also capture beautiful images throughout your entire event. 


Ask about their editing process, if they do retouch, adjust the colors, and correct images. Some photographers offer a limited quantity of edited images, while others apply the same techniques to all your photos. It is important that you like the effects, tones, and corrections your photographer uses. 


Know how experienced your photographer is. 


The difference between an amateur and a professional and experienced wedding photographer can be the key to a successful wedding. A professional wedding photographer is not only someone who knows about wedding poses and nice locations for your photos. You can tell how much experience your photographer has when you ask about timing and complete wedding albums. 


Ask your photographer how many weddings he or she has covered. Rely on its experience to plan your wedding day timeline because your photographer knows how much time it takes to capture formal family photos, bridal party photos, single portraits, getting ready items, and highlights of your entire wedding. 


Understand what your package includes. 


Wedding photographers have preset packages that include what most couples need for their big day, but there can be variations between them, and it is important that you fully understand what you are paying for. Ask about how many photos are approximately included, if they are all edited, what rights you have over the images, if you will receive all photos or only the edited ones. 


Make sure you understand the cancellation and rescheduling policy and ask about any fees that you will incur by canceling. Also, have a clear understanding of what happens if your photographer can not cover your event due to a health issue. It is better to know in advance about those possibilities than being lost on your wedding day and without a photographer. 


Ask how and when your photographer will deliver the images. 


Each photographer has a different approach to delivering the finished product. You can have only digital photos, both edited and original. They could come in a USB memory or from an online link. Other photographers deliver printed edited photos and the rest in a digital format. A wedding album is another format some photographers prefer. If it is the case for your possible photographer, ask about the materials he uses and how you can personalize them. 


The delivery time of your wedding photos is important too. Your photographer will take some time to select and edit the most beautiful images from your big day, and that might take a wild. Just keep clear how much time, and preferably have it stipulated in your contract. 


Second shooter. 


Wedding photographers can not be present at all times and places on your wedding day. That is why they use a second shooter as an assistant to capture your ceremony and reception details, photos of your guests while you wait to walk down the aisle. 


Having a second shooter could not be included within your original package. Ask your photographer if there is an extra charge for it. Consider a second shooter, especially for large weddings with plenty of family members and attendants. Your main photographer can easily handle intimate weddings. 


Hours of coverage and cost of extra hours. 


Determine the estimated hours of coverage you need with your potential wedding photographer. It will depend on your schedule of the day and the size of your wedding. For example, when your ceremony and reception are happening in the same location or venue, transportation times will reduce, and you might fit all your formal photos, wedding party, and reception into a 6-hour package. 


On the other hand, larger weddings with multiple locations both for ceremony and reception and photos require extra time to drive from one place to the next. It happens the same with large weddings. When you need to take formal photos with a large number of groups from family, friends, and the couple alone, your photographer needs at least 8 hours to cover your event. 


Ask about the cost of extra hours before the big day arrives so you can have an idea in case you need extra time to cover your wedding day. You should budget the possibility with anticipation. Sometimes you plan for your wedding to end at a certain time, and it is so fun that you need to extend the time.  Other times you end up having more groups than you planned to take pictures with, and time runs out before taking all the photos you need. 


Have a designated place to take pictures. 


This is one of the best decisions you can make if you invest in hiring a professional wedding photographer. Set up a place within your reception where you can place a backdrop with drapery and a couple of décor elements that match the rest of your wedding, also make sure it has the proper lighting. 

You do not have to spend much on this space. Search for backdrops near me and wedding décor for rent online, and you will find many items for rent that you can hire online, receive at your doorstep, and install yourself. Saving you time and money.

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