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How to Make Video from Pictures Quickly and Easily

How to Make Video from Pictures Quickly and Easily

Sometimes, you may try to share your stories by creating a video from photos? Thankfully, now it’s easy to make video from pictures with a photo video maker. This post will show you how to make video from pictures in 2 methods.

Method 1 – Make Video from Pictures with MiniTool MovieMaker (Desktop)

MiniTool MovieMaker is a free photo video maker, enabling you to make video from pictures, video clips, and music and edit the video easily. For example, it can split and trim videos, speed up video, apply video transitions, add text to video, and more. This video maker supports the most common image formats, so you can easily import your pictures to make a video. And it can convert GIF to video, video to GIF, and image to GIF.

Here’s how to make video from pictures with MiniTool MovieMaker:

Solution 1 – Create Video from Photos with MiniTool MovieMaker Templates

Step 1. Launch MiniTool MovieMaker.

Step 2. Close the pop-up window and get its interface.

Step 3. Click Template on the left side of Export to browse these templates.

Step 4. Choose the target template you like and tap Next.

Step 5. Upload pictures to create the video.

Step 6. Click Replace Music, choose a clip or click Add music to upload your music and click OK.

Step 7. Select Export to save the video.

Solution 2 – Create Video from Photos Without MiniTool MovieMaker Templates

Step 1. Import media files.

  • Install and launch MiniTool MovieMaker.
  • Double-click it and close the pop-up window.
  • Click the Import Media Files to locate the target folder.
  • Choose the pictures and click the Open.

Step 2. Make video from pictures.

  • In the Media Library, hover the mouse over the picture and click the + button.
  • Or drag and drop the image to the timeline.
  • Tap the Zoom to Fit Timeline to adjust all clips to fit the timeline.

Step 3. Edit the video

  • Change the order of the picture: Select a clip and drag it to a new location in the timeline.
  • Rotate or flip video: In the timeline, select and click the clip, and tap Edit, and choose from Rotate 90° Clockwise, Rotate 90° Anticlockwise, Flip Vertical Flip Horizontal
  • Change video speed: Select the clip in the timeline and click the Speed, click the Slow or Fast to get speed options, choose one and click it. To reverse the video, tap the Reverse after selecting the Speed icon.
  • Add music to video: Tap Import Media Files to upload your music, click + to add it to the timeline. 
  • Apply video effects and transitions: Tap the Transition or Effect, scroll down the mouse to find the desired transition or effect, and click it.

Step 4. Export and save the video.

  • Click the Export to get the outputting window.
  • Rename the video and choose the folder and then tap the Export.

Method 2 – Make Video from Pictures with Animoto (Online)

How to make a video with photos and music online? Try Animoto. It’s an online video maker that gives everything you need to create an amazing video. This online video maker offers many video templates, such as Tell a trave story, Father’s Day greeting, Event recap, and more.

Here’s how to make video from pictures with Animoto:

Step 1. Type in a web browser.

Step 2. Tap the Get Started Free and log in.

Step 3. Scroll down the mouse to preview the templates and select one, or choose START FROM SCRATCH.

Step 4. Choose a theme, an aspect ratio, and upload your photos.

Step 5. Drag and drop these pictures to the editing window.

Step 6. Edit the video like adding text, changing layout, and more.

Step 7. Click the Play button to preview the video.

Step 8. Tap Export to download or share the video.


Now, you’ve learned 2 methods on how to make video from pictures. It’s easy to create video from photos, isn’t it? Choose one way and try to make stunning videos from your pictures!

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