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About our Website

PQR News helps you find various information about events and news worldwide according to your interests and without wasting much of your time. In the world full of new possibilities, we allow the readers to get information about any mild activities regarding trending topics related to entertainment, financial, and social attributes. We associate with writers with a creative article writing style, who can work for us in providing the world with the best anyone can.

Guidelines for the guest writing associates

We believe in quality content, and we associate with the writers who can write some good quality of material and present in a way people love reading. If you think you can write on trending topics and news related to movies, games, technology, and finance, send us your best work for review. Our editors usually reply within two days and let you know the status of your work.

We are a platform that fulfills the content consumption of people who love to read trending topics, and our writers are our bridge to meet the requirements. Our writers get many perks while working with us, including financial support, recognization, and other works. Before writing any post to us, you must read the guidelines carefully to work according to that, and there will be no wastage of your hard work.

Format of writing blog posts

We believe in the quality of content, which is why we only entertain original casual content. The blog posts submitted by you must be informative, educational, and intellectual to spend more time reading the post. Writers must note that the material is not promotional because we do not accept that.

  • Word Count – The blog posts’ preferred word count is 500 to 1000, but the writers must make the blog short but detailed. The excellent quality of the blog also includes pictures and references.
  • Headlines – We believe that there must be one headline and 4 to 5 subheadings in the blog, making the blog look trendy and classy.
  • Layout – There should be headings before the paragraphs. It is essential to bold concerns and primary attributes.
  • Pictures – Pictures increase the article’s beauty, and readers find it attractive if there are pictures in the blog post. It is advised to use the suitable and related set of photos and screenshots in the post so that readers can connect to it.

Editorial Process

  • Please send us a mail with your content in a specific and precise way to make it easy for us to decide future possibilities. Also, attach a link in the letter of your previous work.
  • If our team likes your writing style, we will contact you and discuss the aspects of working with details.
  • We only edit articles when it is essential, so try to be very specific and correct in the first place. Make sure there are no grammatical errors.
  • After the blog’s final draft, we publish the article with your credentials, and then you are officially our guest writing associate.