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Top 5 best games console for 7 year old

Video games are really fun for the whole family, ranging from younger players to tech-talented teens to parents who sometimes go out to their playing style. Nowadays, it’s hard to know which gaming systems are best for all ages and stages from ambitious video game experts. From old school Super Mario to falling in love with Fortnite, it seems like there’s a new video game every week that kids just can’t stop talking … or play.

We have the best kids video game consoles from Nintendo and PlayStation to Xbox and iPad so you can give kids what they really want. Discover it below and start your game!

Ipad Air

Can’t choose between a home console and a portable game system for the young gamer? You’re lucky, because the best game console for kids can be mixed. With Nintendo Switch, kids can plug in to a TV and play it in HD or take it with them in portable mode. Table mode allows children to play with others, and practical support ensures that he does not settle for a random object. Kids will jump for joy when playing with the included Joy-Con handles, which can be used as a conventional console or even two, either up, down, side, or for movement or button. With Nintendo Switch, kids can challenge their friends at home, compete online with other Nintendo Switch users, or even connect up to eight play systems wherever they want. From unforgettable home games to endless car entertainment, Nintendo Switch offers the best video games for kids and families. Parents, you’ll also love Nintendo Switch because you can set and manage policies for how your family interacts with parental controls.

Nintendo Switch

Apple iPad Air appears to be an unlikely gameplay, but it might be the best gaming system for kids and the whole family. A giant 10.5 inch portable retina screen can be the gateway to a fun family play session during a long hiatus, a quick escape to the doctor’s waiting room, or a magical way to drive while playing Lego Harry Potter.It is known as best games console for 7 year old.

 In addition, a large and colorful screen can also be a spoonful of sugar that attracts children to one of many creative games that are not exactly games like a drawing board, and it is a digital tablet that children can actually draw on. Except for viewing later even on social networks.

PlayStation 4

Two models of Sony’s black beauty were first introduced in 2013, and they are widely used: the slim standard PS4 and the oversized PS4 Pro. The latter provides support for 4K and HDR TV, and is probably not a priority for most nine-year-olds. So we recommend keeping the standard model. Settings allow you to stop the access to new  online features, set spending limits, set age rating levels, and disable the device’s web browser so that you can customize its use. Your child’s age and personality. Children of all ages will love the Minecraft game, while tongs especially will love LittleBigPlanet 3 and Lego Dimensions, where plastic characters appear on the screen. The journey is still essential for teenagers and teenagers – as she leads a mysterious character through an deserted desert scene – despite seven years. FIFA 19 is the most popular sports game, but Rocket League is a great alternative to cars.

Xbox One

Like the PS4, Xbox One from Microsoft is also available in two versions. The basic Xbox One S has everything you need for under $ 200, while the Xbox One X is more powerful – but it’s also twice the cost. Our recommendation is the first. Xbox One S offers a comprehensive catalog of games and a variety of security functions: for example, access to content for children under 8 is disabled by default. You can completely block online purchases or restrict them on free apps, or switch online availability with age-specific filters such as “Toddlers” or “Kids and Teens” and create game time limits on a computer, phone or tablet. As with the PS4, Minecraft, Lego Dimensions, FIFA 19 and Rocket League deserve consideration depending on your child’s age and interests. Sea Of Thieves’ pirate simulation game has been around for some time, but it’s still very playable from 12 years old, while younger gamers benefit from Xbox Disney-Pixar’s exclusive offers for Xbox, Super Lucky’s Tale and Disneyland Adventures should.

New Nintendo 2DS XL

With the advent of iOS and Android, most publishers have stopped producing custom portable consoles. PSP and Vita are next to Atari Lynx and Game Gear in a laptop paradise. However, Nintendo continues to evolve where I started with Game Boy from 1989 in light of the beautifully durable but beautifully Nintendo 2DS XL – the only disappointing battery performance. A mobile is really more difficult to monitor than a device that uses TV in the living room. This is why 2DS XL offers the same activity protocols as the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo recommends this model on the more expensive 3DS for young children because it does not have a 3D mode – hence the name. The older sister console of DS XL, 3DS, was first introduced in 2011 – and all games are compatible with the new device, giving you a huge eight-year catalog to choose from. Favorite Mario Kart 7 and Pokemon Sun adventure and platform game New This is suitable for all ages, while older kids will love The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

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