Maps for practicing aim in CS:GO


Cybersport has long ceased to be an entertainment only for young people and has grown into a real industry with its own rules and laws that distinguish it from traditional sports. But there is one thing that unites soccer, hockey and cybersports (the most popular disciplines) – it’s young fans dreaming of the glory of champions. Just like in soccer seven-year-olds want to be like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi and want to know how they train to achieve great results, so novice players in cybersport want to know how to train Simple or Device, such as what aim training cards in CS:GO they use. You can both train and improve your skills and bet on the most popular CS:GO gambling sites.

What is an aim and why train this skill?

In short, an aim is an indicator of marksmanship. The higher the marksmanship of an individual player, the higher their ahim. I guess you could call it the foundation of CS:GO; it’s what the game is built on and the great victories are attained. You can be a genius of Smoke, you can understand your teammates not just by word of mouth, but by sixth sense, you can make triple boosts, but if you can’t hit the head with the first one, you’ll never achieve a great success. The player who wants to upgrade his rank above two kalashas, must train his aim. This indicator is made up of two things: marksmanship and reaction rate. All the rest: the type of weapon, the shooter’s position or the target position are of secondary importance.

The top maps include:

  • Training: Bot Aim V4C
  • Fast Aim/Reflex Training Map [SP vs Bot] / aimtraindriving
  • Training Center 1.5c
  • Aim Botz
  • training_aim_csgo2
  •  Recoil Master

Training: Bot Aim V4C

Map is notable for its functionality. Despite the fact that it is not new, on it you can find everything you need for training. Buttons for creating doors, walls, windows, crates, plus all kinds of weapons and different rates of fire are enough to want to download this map to pump aim.

Fast Aim/Reflex Training Map [SP vs Bot] / aimtraindriving

As you can understand from the name, this map is great for practicing rapid fire and aiming at the opponent. A nice bonus is that the bots here are not standing still, as on most maps, but moving, so the conditions are as close to the real.

Training Center 1.5c

An excellent map with a huge functionality of training complex, many players put it in the top in terms of flexibility of settings and features. It has everything from grenade throwing to AWP training. Choose your mode in five separate rooms, and go ahead – practice the skills of the future winner.

Aim Botz

A relatively new map that offers great functionality for aim. Here you can set boxes that will leave only the heads of bots, you can increase the distance to them to practice AWP or set the mode in 360 degrees. The popularity of the map won by the fact that it is easy to adjust to the player or the desired task, as many features are enabled-disabled, such as limiting ammunition, armor, blood type. Of course, this is not artificial intelligence, bots are not able to learn, they are predictable and will always differ from the real enemy, but the level of difficulty and the speed of their appearance can be adjusted by yourself, which will help to significantly increase the aime.


Experienced players believe that the realism of the picture can help to train shooting skills, so to increase your aime maps in KC Go traditionally choose with the bots. However, this is not necessarily. Map Training_aim_csgo2 is designed to train your reaction: here there are no bots, you find yourself in front of a screen on which points appear. You can set them up with different difficulty levels and start training.

Recoil Master

The Recoil Master card isn’t really for practicing aim, but for practicing clamp. But the thing is, by learning to clamp from a weapon, you’re learning accuracy, and accuracy equals aim. And in practice, clamping the barrel is much more effective than trying to hit accurately in the head. And in the case of not hitting the head, here you learn how to quickly navigate and translate shots of ammunition into the body, which will still allow you to destroy opponents.

How many kills to do?

There are shooting fans who write about 5,000 a day, 10,000. But training, especially if it is a warm-up before prakas or matches, should not exhaust the player. The best way is to shoot 400 kills with an AK-47/M4A4 and 100 kills with any pistol. Of course, if we are talking about very novice players, it will be difficult for them to make such a number of kills, they can reduce this number to 100 and 50 kills respectively.

What’s the best map for Aim training?

Aim Botz is universal, but if you need to practice some skills you can also use others: Training_aim_csgo2 for working out reaction, Training Center 1.5c – if you need to practice e.g. grenade fragmentation.

How much training do I need to improve my Aim?

The answer is simple. As long as you plan to play. Aim can not improve once and for all. Two hours every day, and the results will be evident, but should abandon training, it will go down again.


Cards for practicing aim in cs:go – this is a chance to increase your personal skill, there are a huge number of them, the functionality of the cards are similar to each other, and the choice turns into a matter of taste. It is worth to see three or four cards and choose the right one for yourself. High level of play is not achieved by a cool keyboard and not the most advanced training map, but the hard work and effort that the player puts.


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