Terni Lapilli: Tic-Tac-Toe 5 In A Row Game

During your childhood days, you might have played the tic-tac-toe game that was easy and simple. Whenever the class had a free period, students would find out their way to pass the time. This game was common among many students as it can be played only with a pen or pencil and paper. This game is also known as Noughts and crosses, or Xs and Os. Tic-Tac-Toe 5 in a row is a board game that is filled with fun and excitement.  It is an extended form of the classic game that consisted of a 3×3 grid. In this extended game, you will find a grid of 5×5 squares. Players who want to test themselves shift to more grids as this makes the game challenging.  The player needs to get 5 characters in a row to win the game. The specialty of this game is that if both the players play effectively, the game ends in a tie. Hence, this game enhances your logical thinking where you need to plan either to win or not to lose the game. 

Terni Lapilli: History of Tic-Tac-Toe Game

It is believed that the Tic-Tac-Toe has origin from the ancient Egyptians. But the recent ancient record shows that the game has its origin from the Romans. Romans used to call this game “Terni Lapilli”. Which means ‘three pebbles’ at a time. The early variation was played around the first century BC. Afterward, it kept changing as per the modern world. The game that was played during those days was completely different from what is played today. Today the game is played by using boards, pen, and paper, etc. However, earlier Romans used tokens, pebbles, pieces, etc. They used these things to make moves around the grid. If you visit ancient Roman cities, you will see ‘Terni lapilli’ grids scrabbled all around. 

How To Play The Game: Tic-tac-Toe 5 In A Row

This is a two-player game, although, in an online game, one player can compete against the computer. One player Choose ‘X’ and another player chose ‘O’ so that they can mark their cells on the grid. It is a rule that a player who has chosen ‘X’ has to play first. They play alternately and keep placing ‘X’ and ‘O’ on the board. The game is continued until one player is successful in completing a 5 row in a line either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The player needs to get 5 characters in a row to win the game. The specialty of this game is that if both the players play effectively, the game ends in a tie. Hence, this game enhances your logical thinking where you need to plan either to win or not to lose the game. This game is considered a solved game according to many players. 

Strategies To Win The Game

The game tic-tac-toe 5 in a row is solved, which means a definite strategy can be exercised to win every time you play the game. For beginners, some simple tricks can be used. The basic trick is to play first. This enhances your winning chances. Start playing from the corner spot. And if you are playing second, then make sure you claim the center spot, if the first player has not chosen it. And if the first player has claimed the center spot, you must claim the corner segment. 

Being a second player, winning the game is difficult. But you can force a draw so that you don’t lose the game. The first player might know the strategies well, hence his every move needs to be observed. You only have the option to force a draw. If they don’t have the game knowledge and strategies to play the game, then they can make mistakes. Your moves must be made after observing your competitor’s moves and then you have to play accordingly. If they make a move in one corner side, then you should make a move in the center square. If their second move is in the same line as the first two moves, and a full row or column is created, you should place your move in one of the corners. If the other player is unsuccessful to block your move, you can win in the next round. 

Although, you must remember that the first player needs to make errors on his side, only then do you have a chance to create a tie in the game. 

Can You Win Tic Tac Toe 5 In A Row Game Always?

Considering this game an easy and simple to play, most players think it is possible to win the game always. Do you think it is possible? Certainly not! There is no guarantee for a player to win every single game. If both the players know the game, strategies, and know exactly how to win or how to force a draw, then it is difficult for both players to win the game. There may be a tie in the game. The moves made by both players will decide whether there is a win, defeat, or a draw. The simple strategy to win the game is: you should try to play first. So that you can claim a corner spot. If you are playing second, then wait for your opponent to make mistakes. Mark their moves consistently and play accordingly. Last but not the least, try to block their moves so that they can’t create a row or a column. 

Most players are confused about choosing an X or O. But it never matters as far as you know how to place your moves deliberately. 

You might also wonder whether a tie in the game can also be considered to be a victory? Well, we can say that although winning can’t be compared to a tie and is highly satisfactory, being able to tie the game also needs certain skills and strategies to block your opponent’s moves so that they can’t win. 

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