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The Beginner’s Guide To Choose Cheat Codes in Video Games

Did you know? Developers intentionally started writing and revealing different cheat codes to make their game more popular. We all have used cheat codes while playing video games, be it GTA vice city or Counter-Strike. We remember these cheat codes till today!

Today, cheat codes in online video games are not promoted, and you can even get banned for using these cheat codes. Thus, the popularity of cheat codes has decreased, but some cheat codes are still used in video games.

In this article, we will mention the cheat codes used in Call of Duty (COD). So, below mentioned are some of the Call of Duty hacks that you should know. 

Ammunition for Weapons 

Below mentioned is the list of weapons in the game. You can refill your weapons by typing these codes in the game cheats console.

Weapon Name Cheat Code
BAR/30cal. bar
Bren LMG bren
Colt.45 colt
FG42 fg42
Kar98K kar98k
Lee-Enfield enfield
Luger luger
M1 Garand m1garand
M1A1 Carbine m1carbine
Mosin Nagant mosin_nagant
MP40 mp40
MP44 mp44
PPSh ppsh
Sniper Kar98K kar98k_sniper
Sniper Mosin-N mosin_nagant_sniper
Springfield springfield
Sten sten
Thompson SMG thompson


There is a particular format to write these cheat codes. It would be best if you typed “give_____” (don’t include the inverted commas), where the white space is for writing the cheat codes as mentioned above for replenishing your guns with ammunition.

Selecting Level

You can use cheat codes to select the level in a single-player game. You need to press the tab key and jot down the following cheat codes.


Map Name Cheat Code
Airfield map airfield
Berlin map berlin
Brecourt map brecourt
Burnville map burnville
Carride map carride
Chateau  map chateau
Dam map dam
Dawnville map dawnville
Factory map map factory
Hurtgen map hurtgen
Pathfinder map pathfinder
Pegasusday map pegasusday
Pegasusnight map pegasusnight
Powcamp map powcamp
Railyard map railyard
Redsquare map redsquare
Rocket map rocket
Sewer map sewer
Ship map ship


There are some other maps apart from the maps as mentioned above. The basic format to use these cheat codes is “map___”, where the white space is for the map’s name.

Real Cheat List

These cheat codes offer you an unfair advantage, and you can take down your enemies with ease. Applying these cheat codes in online gameplay can result in a ban. Other online players will kick you out of the room and report your account. 

Cheat Code Effect
god invincibility
give all Get the entire set of weapons, items, and ammunition.
give ammo  Replenishes ammo for all weapons
give health Refills health
noclip  Fly through the walls
notarget  You are ignored by enemies


To enable these cheat codes, you need to follow specific steps:

  1. It would be best if you typed this string “+set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0” at the end of the command line in the executable file of COD.
  2. Press the “~” sign to drop the dev console and jot down the above-mentioned cheat codes.
  3. If the system replies with “sv_cheats are read-only”, then “insert setrandom sv_cheats 1” in the console before activating codes.
  4. If the system prompts that “cheats are not available in this server” then insert “spdevmap (map name)” in the console.

Cheat Codes in Remote-Controller Video Games

The developers of PlayStation and Xbox also develop cheat codes for different video games. Here the cheat codes are in the form of a pattern of the keys in the remote controller. 

For example, To enter cheat codes on PS4, you need to press “L1+L2+R1+R2” to open the cheat codes console. And on Xbox, you need to press and hold “LT+RT+LB+RB” on your controller to open the cheat console.

Different combinations of buttons are used for other cheat codes. You need to try these combinations once you enter the cheat codes console. There are many cheat codes available for games like GTA 5, Sims, the amazing spiderman-2, angry birds, assassin’s creed, and many more.

Final Word

Cheat Codes are excellent to use when you are playing offline. Playing online with cheat codes will be addressed as unethical, and your account can get into trouble. You can find cheat codes for various video games on the internet.


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