Labyrinth of Ragnarok New Player Tips & Strategies by LDPlayer

Labyrinth of Ragnarok

If you are an excited player who played MMORPG since those games were released, you might hear about Ragnarok Online. This was a trendy game title by Gravity, and there are thousands of games that have been come to the gaming world and gone. But years gone by, Gravity has come back with a new popular MMORPG named the Labyrinth of Ragnarok. 

This game is quite the same as the original Ragnarok series and the same as the Ragnarok M. Eternal Love. But know that this game has come to the gaming world with newly added features. This one is an idle game and has some simple mechanisms to understand by any player. Everything added in this game can be picked up quickly and has a Hope story hero. Play Labyrinth of Ragnarok on PC now to experience advanced gameplay. 

If you want to play this fantastic game on your PC, you can use the best gaming emulator, LDPlayer. It allows you to play any mobile games on your PC devices with added advanced features. So what we are going to talk about here is how a beginner can be a pro in this game. To do this, you need some tips and strategies to build up. So let’s talk about them here.

Completing Quests

If you are a new player and willing to develop your gameplay with this fantastic game, your first task is to complete the game’s quests. We know that most of the RPGs are coming with quests included in them, and that factor applies to Labyrinth of Ragnarok. These quests are hiding some powerful ways to become stronger in your game pay. They have rewards for developing your strength.

Quests have Zeny, items and experience points in them. Clearing them is the easiest way to earn those rewards. If one of these tasks is coming your way, make sure to complete them as soon as you can. Remember that quests are becoming harder when the levels are upgrading. But they always provide you with the best rewards.

Gear and Card Upgrading

When it is time, upgrade your all gears. It helps you to rise in the situations where you get beaten. In the gameplay, you have different types of weapons, and they need specified items for an upgrade. So a weapon to another weapon, the upgrading materials can be varied.

When you hit ten levels in the gameplay, you are gaining an upgrade, and at the same time, card slots are coming to the gear piece. You can take cards from events like MVPs, Beating bosses or with the challenging Labyrinths. Each card contains a variety of bonuses, and if you need to predetermine the value of your card, you can do it by checking the quality.

Sometimes you might take bonuses and those will be suited to your play style. In this case, don’t think about the card quality; slot that gear into your pocket. Cards are working so much different than the gears, and they come with various materials. So the upgrading of yours has to be done wisely.  

Know your job and make sure to cycle on your members

In a game that is in with idle features, it always tends to play with offline players. In this game, players are allowed to hire party members to gameplay. When they accept your invitation, you can organize them into a list, and they will complete your quests. You can pick these members based on their battle powers.

When you upgrade your levels, your party members are not kept constant. They will change, and you can’t keep them until the end. So practice cycling these members by a new roster. When the members have excellent job skills, they will participate in a good victory for your team. If you want to win in battles, good strength and a powerful team will help you reach that goal. There are multiple jobs each class carries, and those are as follows.

  • Swordsman – swordsman is the durable heroes, and that makes them so powerful. If there is a powerful enemy you face, putting a swordsman to him would be a worthy fight.
  • Archer – these heroes are the speediest ones. They have sharp eyesight as well as they are lithe. This hero uses storms of arrows to attack enemies, and it will surely make your enemies burst into run away. Archer is a long-ranged attack hero.
  • Thief – the thief is a specialized hero in the speed and deadly attacks and has some powerful movements. This hero is very cunning, and if the attacks are not enough for him, he will poison the enemies to get a sudden victory.
  • Magician – The magician is also known as the Mage, and this hero uses the elements to protect her team. She uses magical powers long with four elements and gives consequential damage to enemies. Frozen the enemies is another thing magician is capable of.

When you go along with the game, you will experience some job changes, and those are the ones that help your heroes upgrade their abilities. You can’t switch the hero position. Instead of switching, be better on what you build for. At least you gain the chance to upgrade the Sharevice. It is a device that follows your ally recruitment. When you upgrade this device, you can search for some more strong heroes in the game.

Sharevice is included with a time limit, and you can charge it by using Hourglasses. And if not, you will be able to share your character by putting your game down.

Event Requirements

You have to complete events to gain more prizes. Prizes may be money or items. Events are more like quests, and after every fulfillment of the event, you will achieve a rewarding quality. These are being differed from the quest by only the time limit. Quests don’t on a time limit, but the event does. Once you complete one, the rewards you gain from it cannot be taken from another, and if you miss it, you lose a chance as it’s expired. So don’t ever miss out to play an event.

Labyrinth of Ragnarok by LDPlayer

Have you ever tried using the default key placements for gameplay? If a game has settled with unfamiliar key controls for you, you might feel hard to engage with that game for sure. So we like to have our own key controls for a game to get better movements with the gameplay. That is why you have a key mapping tool on LDPlayer.

The keyboard mapping feature will let you set your own kind of controls for your movements, and it will surely make your gameplay easier. Once you get familiar with the game, having your own key sets will turn you into a pro for the Labyrinth of Ragnarok. So if you want better improvements, use a key control that is dedicated initially to you.


Labyrinth of Ragnarok is a fantastic MMORPG by Gravity to catch by every new player. Game scenarios would never be challenging, and every newcomer can understand these mechanics without more complicated efforts. So make sure to go through these tips and strategies to be better at your levels and controls. Make your gameplay rank higher with these tips.


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