Fantasy kabaddi application – the best way to learn and earn

Fantasy kabaddi app can be referred to as a platform that can help to provide a good amount of part-time earning to the individuals from all age groups. Especially all those people who have a good knowledge of the game can earn a good amount of money from this source. These platforms provide the opportunity to the players to choose their team and analyze their performances in real-life matches. The platforms also provide a lot of information about the players as well as the game. The motive of the user of such a game should be to beat the opponent with the maximum possible margin.

The best part of this game is that one can also refer to the sports section for various kinds of tips there available at this platform so that most informed decisions are made. This will help to choose the top players effectively and efficiently. Even the platforms also provide a prediction of every day so that the most efficient choice can be made. This is considered to be a brilliant platform that will help the users to create their virtual team and play as well as earn a good amount of money. This concept is under percent legal in India and does not come under the category of gambling.

 Following is the process to play fantasy kabaddi and win a good amount of cash every day:

 • First of all the users has to register themselves on these platforms.

 • Then they have to select a particular match so that they can join it.

 • After this the users will create a fantasy squad of nine players.

 • Then star player and captain have to be chosen which will help to fetch a good amount of points to the user.

 • Then the live match will begin which will help to earn points based on the actual performance of the players which the user has selected. Then the winners will be declared at the end of the whole match.

Playing fantasy kabaddi can help to provide many benefits to the users. The users will also gain a lot of knowledge about the game because of the tips and tricks which are available on these kinds of platforms. This is also a good way to enhance the skills of the user and upgrade the already getting knowledge related to the game. The users can also refer for an unlimited period to other people so that they can earn a lifetime bonus which can become a source of regular income. One can also get the bank account linked with this platform so that money can be easily withdrawn. The platform also provides different kinds of weekly bonuses and tasks to the users which they can do and earn a good amount of money. These platforms also provide various other kinds of opportunities like offers that can help the users to win extra cash prize and cashbacks. Various kinds of coupons are also available that can be redeemed on various shopping platforms. Hence these platforms provide some benefits to the players.

In case any of the users have skills related to the game then he or she must go with the option of downloading such a platform that can help to provide a good enhancement to all these skills along with various other benefits.

 The process of downloading the platform is mentioned as follows:

The users can download fantasy kabaddi application very simply. They just have to visit the official website and click on the download no option. Then the file will be downloaded in the APK format which will help to save a lot of space on the device which the user is using and will increase the speed of the whole thing. Then comes the installation process when the download has been completed then after clicking the option installation will occur and if the automation installation is not successful then one has to give various kinds of permissions so that it can get installed on the system.

After the game has been installed the process of playing it is very easy and is mentioned as follows:

– One has to choose the team and its players. The team of nine players will consist of approximately three raiders, Up to 3 maximum all-rounders, and up to 5 maximum defenders. The team must have a maximum of five players from a single team. The users have to make the whole team with a budget of 1000 gems which has been provided by the platform. These decisions of star players and captains must be made very effectively because they will help to score 2X and 1.5 X points respectively. Another concept is there called the Z factor that will help to score 0.5 X points. The application will also have detailed information about all the rules and regulations associated with the game so that users can read them and follow them easily.

 – After this, the star player has to be selected so that the match can begin and he can help to score a good amount of points.

 – When the team has been prepared then one can very easily join the match so that one can play and earn money side-by-side.

 The scoring pattern of the kabaddi has been mentioned as follows:

 Attacking: In the case of attacking there will be every two points for each player which has been touched and one bonus point for crossing the line each time. There will be two points for super raid plus touch plus bonus.

 Defending: There will be four points for every tackle and six points for every kind of super tackle.

Bonus points: There will be -2 points for every green card and -3 points for every yellow card. -4 points will be given for every red card and they will be two points for every kind of winning bonus. The team will receive two points for perfect 10 and six points for fantastic 15 and eight points for terrific 20.

Hence, the best fantasy kabaddi games apps are considered to be the best way to pass the time and earn a good amount of money side-by-side for all the people who know the game.

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