Best Kids Cartoon Available On Hulu

cartoon crazy 3
cartoon crazy 3

Hulu offers is a perfect alternative of the cartoon crazy that have good cartoon collection. Whether it’s an educational half-hour for curious pre-schoolers or an action-packed adventure for teens and tweens, we’ve selected the best animation on Hulu for the younger set. Not since Ren and Stimpy have morbid animation looked so cool. Set in the rough and tumble port town of Storm along Harbor, the show focuses on Flapjack and his friend Captain K’nuckles in their never-ending quest for candy. 

Voice over legend Brian Doyle-Murray really makes this series pop. There’s no show more synonymous with Nickelodeon’sgolden era than Rugrats. It captures the adventures of 4 plucky babies, one menacing toddler, and a big green dinosaur named Reptar. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and maybe even enjoy Television’s best Hanukah episode. 

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Sonic Boom is a companion piece to the videogames, featuring The Blue Blur himself, his pal’s Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, and of course, his archival Doctor Eggman. Powerpuff Girl is an animated classic, about three tween superhero sisters that originally ran from 1998 to 2005. By popular demand, the show was revived in2016 with all the villains, action, comedy, and charm that made the original great. Fourth-grader Arnold Short man has a head shaped like a football, but aside from this, he’s just like any other American tween. 

Arnold’s life is decidedly normal, but that what makes the show so great. Few live-action shows deal with bullying, poverty, honesty, friendship, and family as well as this gem did. What is Regular Show? It’s far from what the title says. A blue jay named Mordecai and his raccoon roommate Rigby attempt to do everything but their actual jobs as park groundskeepers. That might mean slaying demon-possessed arcade machines, getting into deadly hard-boiled egg-eating contests, or even throwing down a rap battle with Tyler the Creator. 

The Warner Brothers Yacko and Wacko, and their little sister Dot, have near full reign when it comes to raising heck on the Warner movie lot. This Steven Spielberg produced animated series is far too smart for its own good, and got quite a few tawdry jokes past the censors when it aired in the ’90s. Catch up on past seasons before the 2020 revival hits Hulu later this year. Pendleton Ward’s post-apocalyptic surreal-comedy action-adventure is as binge-worthy as animation gets. 

The adventures of Jake the Dog and Finn the human are as heart warming as they are hilarious. Do you want to the lore? There’s likely more canon covering the Land of Ooo than Middle Earth, making it total nerd fodder. George is a precocious monkey and best friend of a man with a big yellow hat. Occasionally, George’s curiosity gets the best of him, and he gets into all manner of spills, problems, and messes. Luckily, these accidents are great teachable moments for your little one. They’re cute, they’re French, and they’re totally genderless. Molang the chunky rabbit is pretty persnickety when it comes to just about every aspect of their life. Their best pal Piu Piu hates attention and is even more high-strung than Molang. 

Their friendship is unlikely but totally charming. Also, considering the duo has crashed the Stone Age, Ancient Greece, King Louis’ court at Versailles, and the 20th century, they seem to be…immortal? It’s better to not ask questions and just enjoyNow, he recounts his fairytale adventures to his daughter Nia, as she seeks to follow in his footsteps in becoming a knight. This Hulu original is not only a fun fantasy romp but comes complete with LGBTQ+ representation, which is nearly unheard of in children’s television. Those are our picks for the best children animation on Hulu right now, but if your kids are enjoying something super fun or educational, please shout it out in the comments below.


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