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2D Game Art Styles: The Ultimate Guide

Game art is a very important part of creating games. It is so because art and visuals are the first impressions we get from games. Perhaps, it is as important as the gameplay itself. 2D game art design includes such components as characters, textures, colors, lighting, objects and environment.

What Is 2D Art

Game art 2d uses flat graphics that have no 3D geometry. The main difference between 2D and 3D graphics is the way they are created and displayed. The first type uses a flat coordinate system with two vectors, the second – a three-dimensional one.

Despite the great popularity of 3D, recent studies have shown that in the context of entertainment, 2D and 3D formats evoke the same emotions in people.

<h2>2D Game Art Styles</h2>

Gaming is developing and 2D art does not stand still. Every year, designers are trying to diversify their work and over the past 20 years several 2D art styles have appeared. 2d game concept art includes:

1.   Pixel art

Pixel graphics appeared at the very dawn of the gaming industry. Then computers did not have impressive performance and could not use higher-level graphics. So, it is mostly associated with video game graphics from the 80s and 90s. But, pixel art continues to be popular, despite the possibility of creating realistic 3D graphics. Why? Even aside from nostalgia, creating cool work within such a tight framework is an enjoyable and rewarding challenge.

2.Vector art

Vector graphics allow designers to create works of art and functional graphics that can be enlarged to any size. Those designers who like to work with vector art will also praise it for the smaller image file size compared to pixel art.

3. Realism art

This type of art mainly focuses on creating very realistic and high-resolution images. Its main goal is to create and present images with all the truthful aspects. The more the picture resembles the simulated object, the more realistic it will seem to the players.

4.Flat art  

It is a design trend when objects are depicted without conveying volume. This art gained popularity in 2012–2014 and remains relevant to this day. It is based on clean, laconic, schematic images without unnecessary detail. Flat design does not pretend to be realistic – it is based on schematic images. To make them understandable to the players, designers try to simplify them as much as possible: remove all unnecessary and leave only the characteristic shape by which the object can be identified.

5.Geometric art

It is based on geometric shapes. However, they do not always have to be simple.

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How to Create 2D Game Art

2D game development has a special charm these days. Designers feel like a connoisseur, to whom the truth inaccessible to others has been revealed. But a sense of beauty is not enough – 2D art has many nuances. Obviously, the main feature of 2D games is the lack of a third dimension.

Kevuru Games offers 2d game art outsourcing and the company’s designers approach the process of creating a game very carefully: they define the idea of the game, think over the characters, select the music and only then they start their journey into the world of game creation and 2D art services.


Despite the fact that the process of creating 2D art is a little easier than 3D art, it still requires certain knowledge and skills. Knowing the styles of 2D art, their differences and nuances of game creation, art designers will be definitely able to create their masterpieces. Good design is holistic. Together with other parts of the design and other aspects of the game, it builds a holistic gaming experience for the player.

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