Why You Should Make Walking a Daily Habit for Life

Let’s talk about why walking is a very good thing to do. First off, walking is an easy form of cardio, and the easiest way to incorporate exercise into your life. You know if you’re feeling bored, for instance, instead of doing whatever you do, like eating or playing a game on your phone, or watching a streaming show, go for a walk instead and listen to your favorite music. 

I’m sure a lot of you listen to music, so why not just go for a walk. Besides the fact that walking is a really good graded exercise, it burns calories and it does something more productive. When I was in high school, I used to be an overweight child actually and when I lost the most weight, the reason I lost the most weight was because I walked endlessly. 

You might be kind of curious what I mean by that. Well I felt like I didn’t like being at my house, and I would walk a lot. So while I was walking, sometimes I would think of hobbies and other things too, however the key to what made this walking thing excellent was I was listening to my favorite music. 

So it takes 21 days for something to become a daily habit. Just like when you are planning your budget and savings, when you make one of these changes and you fail one day – and I don’t want to say fail, I really shouldn’t even say that word – if you don’t follow through one day, that doesn’t mean you should just give up and say oh well, too bad.

What I mean by that is that the music was emotional and what I mean by emotional is not so much like sad music, just music that gets you thinking. Music that gets you thinking you know it could be aggressive, it depends on your mood, it depends on what your life is about, it could be metal, regular rock, rap just whatever music moves you right and gets you to really think, ponder and wonder about your life and how you can improve it.

I think it’s very I think that’s a good thing because what ends up happening is you feel like if you don’t do this you’re stuck. It becomes a sort of meditation, if you think about it, when you don’t really think about anything, however in a way instead of drowning yourself with whatever you usually do, such as binge watching something on Netflix, you’re not really thinking and you’re sort of hiding from your emotions. 

When you make walking a daily habit, and you listen to certain types of music that gets you moved, you start to think about your life and I think this is important for self-reflection and the reason I’m talking about this today. Walking can even help motivate you to lose weight. In fact, that’s how I lost so much weight in high school. 

You know, I didn’t do it on purpose however the fact that I enjoy thinking about my life, and thinking about our fun happy scenarios a lot of the time, you know, really motivated me to continue to make walking a daily habit.

You should want to walk between at least five mornings if not seven mornings a week. So again, it takes 21 days to make something a habit.

This is my one simple habit I recommend you start this month, and that’s to walk for at least twenty minutes, a minimum of five days a week, if you can, seven days per week. You should still want to go to your regular yoga practice, or the gym and all that kind of exercise, to get in another workout, however this is going to be your daily habit to work on. It gets your blood circulating and it gets you motivated and your day started.

The fact of the matter is you’re going to start thinking – and by this thinking it’s active thinking – not to mention you burn more calories, this active thinking can actually make you motivated to lose weight. Because you’re going to think about what you’re going to get from that. You’re also going to think about the negative consequences of how your weight affects your life so far, and so by thinking about this, you’re really going to motivate you to lose weight to improve your life. 

In conclusion

I have a strong feeling that many of you folks out there don’t believe it is possible to make walking a daily habit. Well I’m here to tell you that you’re absolutely wrong. Getting the body of your dreams is entirely possible, and quite easy when you start walking regularly. So here’s what I want you to do, I want you to get out and get walking.

Aanand Kumar
Hi There! My name is Aanand Kumar, and I am an Indian blogger. I believe the content of any article is the heart of blog.

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