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How The Custom Teeth Night Guard Ordering Process Works

Today’s consumers are constantly looking for ways to make life easier. Gone are the days of making multiple trips to different locations to complete errands. Instead, consumers want products and services that can be accessed from a single location at an affordable price with minimal effort. 

The same can be said of how people shop today versus even ten years ago. Take something as simple as ordering teeth grinding guards. Not too long ago, you would need to visit a dentist’s office to get fitted for them and then return a few weeks later to pick them up. 

Today, many companies such as Teeth Night Guard Lab offer online ordering directly from their website so that the process is streamlined and more convenient. Here is how ordering a custom night guard works:

Choose Your Material

The first thing you will need to do when ordering a custom night guard is to select the material that you want your teeth grinding guards to be made from. This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people don’t take this step seriously. 

As a general rule, you should only order a tooth grinding guard made from rigid materials that are strong enough to withstand the pressure being put on them from grinding and clenching your teeth. More often than not, providers will offer three different materials that can be used for the construction of your teeth grinding guards, including: 

Stainless Steel 

This material is often used to make lower dentures. It is an excellent option for grinding teeth guards because it is extremely durable and withstands years of regular use. The only drawback to using stainless steel for grinding teeth guards is that it can be expensive. 

Hard Plastic

This is a material you often see used in constructing upper partial dentures. The hard plastic is an excellent option for grinding teeth guards because it is flexible enough to handle being put under pressure while also being strong enough to protect the wearer’s teeth. 


Another excellent option for grinding teeth guards is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is already commonly used in the construction of sports mouth guards and is one of the most widely used materials by dentists today. The only drawback to polycarbonate is that it is not as sturdy as stainless steel and can break more quickly if you are particularly aggressive when grinding your teeth.

Select a Color

The next thing to do when ordering your teeth grinding guards online is to select a color. Most online providers will offer a range of colors from which you can choose. 

Ideally, the color of your teeth grinding guards should be the same as the remaining teeth in your mouth. This is because you don’t want them to be noticeable if you have guests sleeping over. While this might seem silly to worry about, it is a legitimate concern for many people. 

If you have worn teeth-grinding guards, you know they can be awkward to wear at first. The last thing you want is to draw even more attention to yourself while you are getting used to wearing them.

Take an Impression of Your Teeth

The next thing to do when ordering your teeth grinding guards online is to take an impression of your teeth. This is the part of the process where you will be given a molding material to bite down on while the dentist takes an impression of the teeth that the grinding guards will protect. 

You can either have a dentist take an impression of your teeth, or the company will send you a kit with instructions on how to do it. You will then need to send this back to the online ordering company. The company will then use the impression to create a teeth-grinding guard that perfectly fits your mouth. 

Because the grinding guard has been made to fit your exact teeth, you can expect that the teeth night guard will be more comfortable to wear than grinding guards made for someone else.

Mail the Kit Back to the Online Company

After you have selected the material and color, and taken an impression of your teeth, you will need to mail the kit back with the molding material to the online company. 

You can pay to send the kit back via a tracked shipping service or standard shipping. If you opt to send the kit back via a tracked shipping service, you won’t have to worry about receiving your teeth grinding guards because you will know exactly when they were delivered. However, if you decide to send the teeth grinding guard kit back via standard shipping, you will have to wait a few weeks before receiving it.

Receive Your Mouth Guard and Check if it fits

When your teeth grinding guard arrives, you must check if it fits your mouth comfortably. Ideally, you should be able to bite down on it without feeling too much pressure. If the teeth grinding guard is too loose in your mouth, you might consider letting the company know. They will most likely be able to make you a new tooth grinding guard that fits better. 

One thing to remember is that some providers will only offer a limited number of replacements. So, it is essential to check your teeth grinding guard for fit as soon as it arrives to ensure it is comfortable. Doing this will save you from waiting longer if the company only offers a few replacements.

In Conclusion

As you can see, ordering teeth grinding guards online is more streamlined and convenient than visiting a dentist’s office. Furthermore, visiting your dentist in person is more likely to result in a higher price tag than ordering teeth grinding guards online. 

That said, the details of your teeth grinding guard, including your bite type and pressure points, will determine which model you will need to get fitted. It’s also important to know that every grind guard comes in different sizes and levels of protection. 

For example, some custom night guards offer more protection than others — especially if you grind your teeth frequently or have sensitive gums that are prone to inflammation or bleeding when grinding.

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