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Why coworking space will be important post-COVID 19

The global pandemic, COVID 19 has shaken the whole world. But, it has not yet uprooted the basic functional and serviceable trades and business that connects the different parts of the world altogether, and hence, there is still hope that we come out of this with many triumphs and urge to keep the ball rolling.

Once this is all over, the light that we see at the end of the tunnel, we have to get back to our lives and start it once again. With all the restrictions not backing down any sooner, Coworking space in Delhi has never been afraid to be one of the businesses that are scared of post COVID repercussions. 

But, here are the reasons why you should not be turning your back, instead encourage the culture of coworking spaces. Post-COVID, coworking spaces are going to bloom and there is no room of doubt left for it. 

Remote workers cannot travel freely.

There are remote workers and digital nomads who used to travel across places to work as a part of their lifestyle. With the international and national borders not preferring travelers and foreigners, to keep control of the pandemic under safe levels, nomads would find it difficult to keep up with the changed circumstances. 

Also, a lot of companies are deciding to shift from the office set up to remote working, maybe by a certain percentage in the coming years in the thought of saving resources. 

They would require a place to work efficiently and productively. Coworking spaces are the best place for the same. Coworking spaces, where all the safety guidelines are implemented, is the best place that they can opt at the current scenario not to fall back on their work schedule. 

Cuts on office Budgets.

While it is true that the budget of the companies might have to be cut short in specific areas to cover up for the losses that might have incurred during the lockdown period, moving onto cost-effective options are one way to tackle the same.

Coworking spaces cut down a lot of costs when it comes to the office rents and cafeteria management. There will be new clients who will probably be interested in using coworking spaces.

Big enterprises are planning to shift more towards the coworking spaces in different forms to balance the budget and to optimize the usage of resources.

Private offices planning to de-densify

With the norms of social distancing having to be strictly followed even after the lockdown, offices might not be able to have the complete occupancy. Workers will need to take shifts making sure of the number of people that will abide by the rules and guidelines.

Work from home can be an option, but, with the past few months, many companies have learned the cons that can happen due to the same, and would preferably choose a coworking space to de-densify their offices.  

The employees would also prefer to work from somewhere else, anywhere else. 

The more flexible policies of coworking spaces

The COVID situation has been one of the most crucial and disturbing turnarounds in the history of the world pushing every enterprise into picking one between working remote or stopping the business. 

Even after the pandemic crisis, people might not be able to trust the future conditions and wouldn’t want to take risks. 

Long term leases and commitments might be at stake, which is why they might opt the on-the-go payment mode of coworking spaces.

Move towards a holistic health-oriented working conditions

The situation has driven people to be more health-conscious and more concentrated on working in a safe place. 

For the same reason, coworking spaces with proper cleanliness, hygiene, sanitized amenities will be promoted post-COVID. Few Coworking space in Lower Parel is providing recreational rooms, like yoga facilities, etc will be people’s favorite hereafter as you can provide your health-driven notion at the workplace.

Community vibe can help each other

Yes, a lot of companies and enterprises have indeed been affected badly by the COVID situation and the ability to come out of the menace is not equally laid upon them. 

Getting back together at the coworking spaces would help you realize that you are not alone in this problem and that you have not to worry about what’s going on with you and our company.

The community vibe within the coworking spaces provides you with the chances for networking, resources, and comfort that are required as prime importance. 

Companies, freelancers, SMEs, etc might need to discuss and network to get to know the ideas that they can use to balance the situation that they face now.

Changes that might occur to the coworking space after COVID 19

  • Spaces will provide more flexible timings to suit the need of different sets of customers.
  • The coworking spaces will have to change the layout of the office to make sure of the safe social distancing, avoiding the chances of spread of any more pandemics.
  • Safety measures to avoid straight contact like over the doorknobs, elevator switches, etc
  • High quality of air indoors will be made sure to avoid any kind of the spread of the virus or other pathogens.
  • Virtual services from coworking spaces as they need a business address without being physically present.

After COVID lockdown and necessary guards let down, there are chances that people still opt to work from home, to continue the workflow that they have been choosing over the past few months. Bt, when it comes to productivity, work from home cannot stand a chance against coworking spaces, especially during a time when productivity cannot be kept at stake. 

Social distancing, limited public appearances all stand as challenges to the seamless functioning of a coworking space, but the solutions one can seek for these are humane and possible, and hence there is no need to worry about these. 

Reports say that the coworking space industry is one among the businesses that would come out of the COVID recession and dip as winners. Holding onto it, and building your empire with a winner is the best thing that you might need at this hour. 

Harshvardhan Jha
Harsh Vardhan Jha is an Indian business blogger. He believes that Content and Social Media Marketing are the strongest forms of marketing nowadays and also know how to work on. You can contact him...

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