Which Treatment Is Better for Fertility: IUI Vs IVF?

There are a lot of couples who have been having trouble conceiving. It can be due to a lot of reasons, but there are only limited treatments to them, such as IVF or IUI treatment in Chennai.

Both of these treatments are one of the most common fertility treatments people can find out there. But the question comes down to ‘which one should you choose?’ Before you decide that, first understand both of these procedures. This can help you choose which direction you want to steer ahead.


Intrauterine insemination or commonly called IUI procedure is one of the most basic treatments for people facing fertility issues. In this procedure, the sperm collected from the partner is processed and placed inside the uterine cavity of the female partner.

Generally, the sperm from the partner goes through a “washing” procedure that removes other kinds of fluids. Placing the sperm inside the uterine cavity helps reduce the distance needed to travel and reach the egg. With the help of this procedure, the chances of sperms encountering the egg are increased significantly.

This process can generally be performed when a woman is ovulating naturally. This time period can be predicted by the woman or by using fertility medication that assists ovulation function.

When is it Beneficial?

  • IUI is best for couples when:
  • A woman who might be dealing with ovulation issues and have been facing trouble conceiving even with the help of ovulation medicines.
  • When there are abnormalities in the sperm of the male partner. This can include the shape of the sperm of motility and the number.
  • When the couple is trying to conceive by using donor sperm.

In general, this is the treatment couples usually go with, when they start fertility treatments. It’s less invasive when compared to IVF treatment. This can also help couples who are facing issues just because of regular stress due to work life.


In-vitro Fertilization or commonly known as IVF treatment is a form of assisted reproductive technology where the male sperm and the woman’s egg are combined outside in the laboratory.

In this procedure, the woman is asked to take medicines that will help stimulate the ovaries and develop multiple eggs. Followed by a procedure including ultrasound to obtain the eggs. Then the sperms will be inseminated on the same day. After the transfer, doctors will monitor the growth of the embryo and determine the right time to transfer them back into the woman.

When is it beneficial?

This procedure is generally more invasive compared to other types. Couples should only go with this procedure if they have tried other ones and found no success. Compared to other procedures, this is more expensive as well. But the chances of getting pregnant are much higher with IVF procedure.

Go with IVF if:

  • The couple is dealing with blocked fallopian tubes
  • Irregular ovulation
  • Low sperm count or poor egg vitality 

In general, a couple should try the IUI procedure at first. There are different cycles included in the IUI procedure if the couple is unsuccessful even after the third cycle of IUI, then they should consider trying IVF.

But make sure before you decide anything, you visit your doctor and consult with them. Sometimes issues can be mere stress caused by everyday work and life. Sometimes taking a break away from a busy life can also help.Keep in mind that always being the process with IUI treatment. Remember that the success rate of In Vitro fertilization in Chennai is higher when the age of women is under 35.

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