What’s the most ideal weapon for self defence during travelling

travelling self defense weapons 1
travelling self defense weapons 1

When you travel and you are on a trip, all you need to make sure is that you are safe and having a lot of fun. When you travel there are certain weapons which are highly recommended and everyone should have either all or at least one of them. The trips you are on, these weapons are really easy to use, easy to find and works very efficiently. Visiting Guardian Self Defense in this regard would be quite helpful. There are definitely ways in which you can save yourself and not get into in any kind of danger. It is always better to use first use the low risk one and then try to escape out of the situation. If you are travelling to USA like country where air guns are legal then you can also carry air revolver while travelling. Other than the weapons it will be better you could learn some of the most easy, effective and simple self defence weapons from anywhere be it Google or YouTube.
A simple trick and these weapons will save you from all kinds of odd situations always. Easy to find and in easy to care always keep at least any of them.

Pepper Spray

Highly recommended self defence weapon this works really great to protect yourself on a trip or just anywhere. This non lethal weapon is very easy to carry and easy to find in your bag when in bad situation. The best part about this weapon it will not kill anyone but will only cause irritation and your eyes will not open that usually happens after chillies in your eyes. In these almost 10 minutes you can easily escape from this place and yay you are saved.


This self defence tool is very easy to carry again, very light weight, slimmer than the regular knife. This tactical tool will be the best self defence tool you can carry. To put in application when in or around 20 -feet this knife will when more deadly and harsh on the person more than a gun. This application of this knife is more than only self defence and hence can be a multipurpose tool and can save you from a lot of odd situations.

Self Defence Key Cases

This little tool has something very good about it that it looks like a key chain, is a key chain with your keys but can be so effective to save you when there is danger around you. No one will know that this actually is a self defence tool and then the person attacking on you will be surely surprised and cannot attack back. This little tool measures around 5.5 inch and weighs around 2 ounce only and is a key chain. You can wrap around your fingers very easily and then loop will give proper sturdiness, made with aircraft aluminium makes this the ideal weapon. Easy to find and yes super duper easy to keep and locate while in danger.

Things like hairpins, safety pins, pens and perfumes can also be used but aren’t that affective like these weapons.

Other than these weapons, there are weapons the person has is being attentive and sharp throughout the trip. Like it was said when we were kids avoid strangers as much as possible. Always keep at least one of them with you.

Happy travel and be safe always.


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