7 Things to Consider When Visiting Thailand


People around the world are constantly visiting the Land of Smiles because it is an excellent tourist destination. Thailand is known for its exotic culture, famed beaches, countless islands, and its delicious food. 

Creating an itinerary will enhance your travel experiences with countless things to explore. While visiting the big cities is a good choice, you can also consider the smaller islands like Koh Samui. At Thailand Nomads, you will find many Koh Samui articles to help you plan your trip. 

Before you visit this magnificent place, you must prepare for your journey. Remember that the Thai Kingdom has a rich culture and heritage, and you must understand the differences. This article lists some essential tips that every traveller should consider when visiting Thailand. 

Avoid Animal Tourism 

You will find many places across Thailand that abuse animals and use them for animal tourism. These animals are often kept in bad conditions and forced to do things they don’t want. Instead, consider visiting a sanctuary where you can witness different animals in their natural habitat. The elephant sanctuaries are popular all over the land, and you can even take part in rehabilitating these elephants by feeding them, washing them, and so on. This can be the highlight of your trip for all the animal lovers out there. 

Respect the King 

When visiting Thailand, you mustn’t speak badly about the king or the royal family. The royal family is highly respected by the locals and regarded as a symbol of righteousness. A simple suggestion would be to not speak about them during your trip and if you do, make sure that it is something good. 

Respect the Religion and Culture 

The people of Thailand are some of the most polite and genuine people on earth, so you must respect their beliefs. Failing to do so will get you on the wrong side of the people. When visiting temples, you must dress modestly because it is a place of worship. Whether you are male or female, be sure you are well-dressed, and a sarong can be a great item you can use on your trip. This quick guide will help you understand the differences between eastern and western cultures for a pleasant travel experience. 


Bargaining in Thailand is very popular, and even though things may already sound cheap, it is expected no matter where you go. Whether you are visiting a night market, tuk tuk, eating at a street stall or even shopping around, bantering your way to buy things is fun and skill. You must ask around for price suggestions to avoid getting cheated. While you exchange prices with your street vendors, you must stay polite and relaxed. It is a way of living, so don’t get too caught up in the argument. 

Learn Useful Thai Phrases 

When visiting a foreign land, it is obvious that there will be a language gap. Even though the majority of the locals are fluent in English, you will still come across people who know only Thai. But it is good to familiarize yourself with some essential Thai phrases so that you can communicate whenever needed. A few greetings, farewell signs, food-related questions, medical phrases, and so on. Not only will the locals appreciate your efforts, but since they are kind and understanding, they will go out of their way to help you out. 

Bug and Mosquito Repellants 

In Thailand, you will encounter many bugs and insects no matter where you go. For tourists, carrying a bug repellant, mosquito nets and so on can protect your skin and even reduce the risk of catching a fever. A pocket-size bug repellant will be one of the best decisions you make so that you can easily travel with it and protect yourself at all times. Veen while you sleep, you should consider getting a mosquito net for your bed so that you can sleep well without buzzing around. 

Bring Your Own Toilet Paper 

Most tourists from western countries are not familiar with Asian toilets. Toilets in Thailand are mostly squat toilets, and using them attached to them are hoses or a bucket. As a westerner, it is important that you carry your toilet paper because it is unlikely that you will find it everywhere you go. However, today you will find many restaurants and hotels have toilet paper available for their guests. 


These are seven quick things that every traveller should consider when visiting this beautiful country. Make sure you plan your trip well, so you don’t miss out on your holiday. Bangkok is one of the most popular cities; here is a list of attractions you should visit. 


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