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Top Tips for Adding Value to Your Commercial Property

Upgrading your commercial property is necessary whether you want to keep it or want to sell it. The building should never stay outdated, and its maintenance, appearance and strength should stay uncompromised in quality. Whatever type of building structure you have – an office, a warehouse, a factory or whatever it is, it should always remain in good condition. However, how can you do that? Of course, some ways can help you quickly; in fact, very easily add value to your commercial possession. Here are some easy to follow practical tips.

Improve the appearance/exterior

Business is all about showbiz. If you are planning to put your commercial property in the market for sale, it is necessary to make it wear a fantabulous appearance. It does not mean that you have to invest a lot of money in renovation or something like that. Maybe a new paint is sufficient to give it a completely new look. Your prospective buyers always want to see a pleasant outer part, as, like you, they are also aware of the saying ‘the first impression is the last impression’. The exterior of your building should be uncompromised in every possible manner.

An excellent outer look is necessary to make the buyer fall in ‘love at first sight’ experience. A significant percentage of goodwill in the business world is driven by how a place looks from outside.  Whether it is an office, factor or any other workspace, a beautiful makeover is necessary. Maybe your buyer is buying the property to resale it, in that case, he will be extra conscious about the overall look.

Change the zoning or use of the property 

Changing the type of use of your property is also smart to get a drastic increase in the value. Many owners implement this trick to get a considerable benefit when they sell or rent out space. 

  • Transforming an industrial building into a retail structure,
  • Changing and office space into the medical centre or 
  • Renovating the building to turn it into an apartment from a hotel etc. 

All are smart ideas but make sure that you pay uncompromised attention to the legal part. Buyers are always extra cautious when they come to know that the property zone was changed.  They cannot bear any loophole in the procedure at the later stage.

Add extra space 

Increased space is a confirmed certificate of a substantial increase in the value of a commercial property. Owners enhance their properties by adding an extra square foot to their property.  

Providing extra space for parking, storage, employee gathering, warehouse, conference, etc. can be a great idea to work on.  You need to make sure that you take proper permission for the construction. In addition, it is advisable to start the construction work when the prices of the construction material are low. The current scenario of the UK market property market is not promising for an immediate sale, why not use it well and complete the construction part. At this time you can get your work done at a much lower cost. By the time things get regular, and lockdown gets over, your building will be ready to perform in front of the buyers.

Increase the rent according to the increase in other costs 

This may sound a bit odd, but it is necessary to increase your rent at regular intervals. It is important and also essential to match the value of your property with the factors like inflation, property insurance, taxes, utility cost etc. If these things keep changing due to their volatile nature, you should also need to increase the amount of rent/property price. You cannot stay behind on this aspect because in that case, your own commercial property will be a significant burden.

Add new amenities 

To attract the buyers, you need to keep enhancing the space by adding the features that are quite frequent in demand. Things that are required daily should exist in your building, for example, a fitness centre, coffee bar, conference room, marriage hall, a room for the fax machine, entertainment zone etc. These things can amazingly increase the preciousness of your space. At the time of sale, you can ask for a desirable amount from the buyers. Bargaining becomes easy when the property seekers find the building useful due to such features.

Take a deep dive in market research 

There are many ways to increase the value of your property, but the market and the trends keep changing. Whatever is the latest should be present in your property. To know what is going on in the name of the pattern and new culture, you must invest ample time in the market research.

  • Explore the industry 
  • Go for the meeting with the property agents 
  • Talk to your friends and other business persons 
  • Take a look at the properties listed online to read about their features 
  • Take a look at the reviews of the buyers explaining their experience about the purchase of a commercial property 
  • Get to know the problems and expectations of the buyers and try to inculcate those changes in your possession

The value upgrade is necessary for all. However, it is especially essential for the business owners with the problem of bad credit situation. If they want to buy a new property by selling the old one, then to get the due price from the buyer, they need to give a hike to the value of their asset. After all, they do not want to fail and need to bridge the gap between the new property value and the money they can borrow through a mortgage. 

However, for poor credit property owners, some ways are available. As the most promising solution, it is wise to get a bad credit mortgage quote from an online mortgage broker such as Shine mortgages. However, value upgrade is also vital. The task is significant, and to increase the price of the property, it is better to start early. Then only it is possible to finish the work at the right time. Do not sell or rent out in haste equip the place with all the necessary features and qualities, and a good deal will come effortlessly.

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