Military transport – what does it do


Military auto transport is a specific, specialized service which provides auto transport to any service man or woman, current or a veteran, as well as their dependants, to any PCS location. Not all transport carriers work with the US military, so it’s suggested that you find a compliant carrier through a brokerage transport platform such as

Understanding the service and what it provides

The service provides the same benefits such as the civilian auto transport service, with the main difference being that it’s free of charge for any military member. All payments will be taken care of by the US military as long as the provided documentation such as transfer orders and vehicle holding location are correct.

What are military members entitled to

Since there is some confusion with what military transport really provides, we are going to explore exactly what the service entails and what a military member can expect. This is a standard service which veterans and dependants can use, however, the documentation involved in the process is different and should be check out prior to booking.

Enclosed transport

Just like any ordinary auto transport job, a military transport and shipping service provides access to enclosed, box transport which will entirely and totally encase a vehicle. This can be quiet handy in cases where it’s a long transit and the client would like to ensure that their vehicle is kept safe, away from harm, dust, road rocks and chips and eyesight.

This is an especially specialized service, most commonly used for sports cars or high value vehicles with expensive maintenance fees. However, since the military is paying for it, any military member can use it and not worry about the expense, as long as their administration allows it.

An enclosed box trailer service must be available for the location of the transport, which depending on the new PCS, may even be overseas, to an international location where the serviceman or woman is being stationed. A PCS is different than a deployment in that it’s a permanent location of operations, rather than a temporary one, such as a deployment in a war zone.

Open transport

An open transport of a military vehicle, differs from an enclosed by its availability and the type of vehicle transported which will be used. This service is a lot cheaper and has a lot greater availability, meaning that a transported will be found more quickly and the vehicle will be transported quicker.

However, it is important to note that open transports do not provide the same amount of privacy and security which the enclosed transports do. If your military contract and coverage allows it, we recommend that you go for an enclosed transporter, unless time is of the essence and you need the vehicle straight away.

You can also request an expedited delivery, which will see the vehicle transported within your specific time frame. Ordinary transport is carried out within a specific window, which may include a couple of weeks, as per the availability of the carrier and the route there are taking to your specific PCS drop-off location.


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