Tips for Choosing the Right Expat Health Insurance

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If you’ve decided to move to Singapore, you must be prepared to ensure that all aspects of your new life are in place and well secured. One such essential aspect is the expat health insurance in Singapore that’ll cover you and your family in the event you need to access healthcare. Typically, it’s not easy for anyone to determine when a medical emergency will happen. The best thing is to be covered to avoid time and money consuming processes if you need emergency healthcare. Expat health insurance in Singapore is categorized into three as follows:

– Local health insurance- this covers expats with permanent residence, although it has some restrictions.

– Travel insurance- this covers temporary trips as well as emergency and accident treatments.

– International health insurance- this provides full trip coverage and is also ideal for expats in need of quality healthcare services.

Out of these policies, most expats like the international health insurance policy. You can get the best expat health insurance by simply visiting Choosing the best expat health insurance in Singapore isn’t difficult, provided you know the process. Below are top tips for choosing the right expat health insurance in Singapore:

1. Look for an appropriate plan covering your destination

The first step in finding the best expat health insurance coverage is looking for an appropriate insurance plan covering your destination. To save time, find an insurance provider covering your next destination. If you’ve decided to choose the international health insurance policy, ensure you dig deeper to find out what the provider means by ‘international’. Check if the insurance provider provides coverage in all countries or has some exclusions.

2. Choose a good plan

Most expats aren’t specific on the kind of coverage they need when going abroad. This means that it can be challenging if they’re involved in a situation that isn’t covered by the insurance plan they get. Although most expats want good access to private healthcare, it’s essential to determine the various specifications and limitations of each insurance policy so that you can make a sound decision. This is because some insurance providers only offer standard benefits, including emergency medical evacuation and general treatments. This means that you may fail to get additional benefits such as maternity care and mental health treatment.

3. Ensure your policy is personalized

The existing generation believes in choices and personalization. Although choices are essential when making lifestyle decisions, personalization also plays a significant role in healthcare. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that your policy is personalized depending on your condition or circumstance, including your general well being, routine dental care, personal accident cover, private hospital accommodation, direct billing etc.

4. Check if your employer provides expat insurance coverage

Sometimes, expats might be sent by a particular employer who also provides health insurance coverage. In this case, it’s essential to consult your employer about the expat health insurance plan in place so that you can know what’s covered and what isn’t covered before you make a decision.

In conclusion, these are the top tips for choosing the right expat health insurance in Singapore. The bottom line is to select an insurance plan that’s tailored to your specific needs to avoid the burden that comes with emergencies.


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