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The Top Wedding Dress Alteration Tips

Getting the wedding dresses altered can be a real frustrating event. Especially when you find out about a possible alteration that needs to be done at the last minute. In addition, a bride who is already panicking loses her chill completely. Therefore, here are a couple of things you need to know before you get your wedding dress altered.

Book Your Fittings in Advance

One of the safest ways to avoid any alterations in the first place is to book your fittings in advance. In this way, the alterations will be taken care of while the dress is still at the designer. This means that you will not have to worry about the dress not fitting you well after it arrives at your place. In case you want an idea, book your first fitting 8-10 weeks prior to the big day. Thus, allowing yourself to leave a safe margin.

Ignore the Length for a Bit

Experts advise that you should purchase your heels before you even go to order your dress. Alternatively, keep with yourself a heel whose length matches the one that you are likely to wear on your wedding day. Because designers have ample of dresses that they stitch for various heights. If you carry your heels with you, you might get lucky and get a dress that is an exact fit for the length you require. Hence, saving you the alteration cost altogether.

Realistic Weight Goals

At times brides get unrealistic while setting their weight goals for their big day. You do not need to be harsh on yourself. And be realistic when setting a weight that you wish to reach till the day of your wedding. Actually, you should set your goal of achieving that weight a couple of days prior to your wedding day. So that in an event that you are not able to achieve your goal, you have enough time to get your dress altered. 

Because the chances that your designer might refuse to alter your dress at the last minute are high. You should not forget that designers have many brides to entertain. Therefore, try to be reasonable when giving them time to make alterations.

Take a Friend Along

At times you do not see the flaw but the others watching you do. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to take a friend with you on the appointment or alteration appointment day. However, avoid taking the whole crowd with you as you will end up getting more confused. And things will get worse for you. Think about the friend whose decision you trust and take her along. 

Take Your Undergarments with You

Apart from carrying your heels along, it is also essential that you take your undergarments with you as well. Because your dress’s fitting will depend a great deal on that as well. A different bra and rigid shapewear can make an immense difference in the fitting. 

Keep a Budget

While you are planning the designer that you are most likely to choose for your wedding dress, you should not only set aside a budget for your dress alone. Although a designer dress can cost you a lot you have to realize that alterations are not free either. So you need to set aside a budget keeping in mind the alterations as well 9in case the need arises). The chances are that you will need an alteration are high in many cases. Unless you are getting a customized dress made. 

Custom-Made Veil

While getting a custom-made dress can be hefty on the pocket, you should not compromise on the veil. Get the veil custom-made. The advantage of this would be you being able to incorporate personal details in your veil. This can be anything. You can even add pieces from your mother’s wedding gown to your veil. Moreover, you can decide a length for your veil according to your liking if it is custom-made. 

Trust the Process

Do not go in for the alteration appointment with the mindset that the gown will fit you just fine. You might have to make another alteration trip to the designer. Or maybe two. The point is that you should not have your expectations too high. But you should not panic either. Just trust the process. Fearing the inability to get their outfits altered, some people do not order online. However, I being a sucker for ethnic wear, regularly order Pakistani dresses online USA because almost all brands now attach a size chart. 

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