9 Major Shoe Trends for summer 2022

We know, you have seen the summer runways, and it is nothing like the crocs and flip-flops of 2021. The shoe trends of summer 2022 are absolute expressions of class and elegance.

Our favorite designers have launched their extraordinary collections, giving us a feel of the past and the future in one hot swoop. Like most outstanding collections, this summer shoe trends are enticing and selling out fast, but you can preorder your favorite styles at competitive discounts with the Ounass Coupon. With this coupon, we have compiled a list of the nine major shoe trends of summer 2022, ranging from platforms, sandals, and strap-ins to high rise and high shine. 


This summer, we saw a shift from the usual attempt to fit shoes into specific boxes. On a better note, people moved from pursuing either functionality or aesthetics to balancing both. 

This demand has spread across most fashion trends, but the various shoe designers seem to understand it best. The most alluring designs are not only beautiful, they are also comfortable and sometimes sporty. Our list below covers the leading shoe trends of summer 2022:

1. Bulky Sandals:

Bulky sandals have been in vogue since summer 2021, but it would seem the chunky design also has a place in 2022. Hermes and Stella McCartney have led the charge to revamp this exciting design as part of our most desirables this summer. 

This simple sandal design goes perfectly with casual wear and still allows you to display those pedicured feet. Think seaside walks and countryside evening strolls. Thanks to the classy design, this Bulky Sandal is not the worst idea for a leisurely hangout, but we would not recommend it for your corporate event.

2- Mules:

With the recent rave for clogs and crocs, we would have been surprised if something similar did not make an entrance this summer. But the class of Mules on the runways was another brand of surprise. The sleek multipurpose footwear has been around for over 400 years, but the variations we got for summer 2022 provide more class and comfort than any previous version. Mules have joined the ranks of casual outdoor wear with a special attraction for the floppy, laid-back look.

2. Sporty Sandals

Sporty sandals are the unique bridge between two growing summer trends; athletic and casual. The sporty look is one of the most common features of summer 2022, as summer bods and gym sweat are becoming the highlights of this season. 

Of course, the casual look has also found its place in our runways and streets since 2020, but 2022 seems to boost the acceptance of casual wear. 

Sporty Sandals are perfect as regular daily wear, but they are equally acceptable as your party wears. They are the perfect wear to have you looking casual and sporty without losing your elegance. 

3. Athletic Sneakers:

Basketball Season is almost here, but sneakers have made a predictable appearance. They are not the ideal beach shoes, but everyone seems to be wearing sneakers to parties and dance halls. The athletic look is becoming the fad of the season, with more sporty wear, and there is no better way to pull off that athlete’s appearance than with the range of trendy basketball sneakers on everyone’s legs

4. Fisherman Sandals

Sandals seem to be the hallmark of summer 2022, but we are not complaining. Summer is full of longer, warmer days, and we would spend more time outdoors. So it makes sense that everyone seems to be getting a piece of these easy-on sandals.

Fisherman Sandals are similar to regular sandals, except that they have cushioned layers and employ a design of interwoven leather straps and a simple ankle holder. You can wear this simple design with a casual outfit like mom jeans and tees, but there is no reason you can’t wear it with a dress. 

Zara and the Row gave us the first fisherman sandals designs this season, but more enticing designs have joined the fray, and we want them all.

5. Straps

We have seen a lot of straps this season, whether as part of sandals or sky-high heels. The straps seem to be the statement of summer, as they offer the comfortable hold most people want on their feet. 

The versatile design goes well with your favorite cocktail dresses, but you should not be shy to wear a strap with your daily summer shorts. It is a simple way to infuse elegance into your regular summer without losing that casual look.

6. Platform Heels

Summer nights have seen a lot of dancing, and platform heels have been helping those twirling feet. The balanced heels may not be ideal for cocktails, but there is no better shoe for hitting a dancehall without losing your ankles. 

The range of Platform heels this summer include variation in colors, including animal prints and sleek, simple colors. It is the season to wear heels, even on the dance floor.

Shoe Colors That Can’t Be Ignored

  • Bold Colors

Summer has always been the most colorful season of the year, but this year is a tad more colorful than usual. We have seen an unusual infusion of bold colors in this summer’s shoe trend. 

We are not talking about peaches or aquamarines. Instead, this summer has been a summer of “Dopamine Dressing,” with bright colors like yellow and hot pink leading the charge. 

Most fashion houses are infusing these bold colors in their designs, so we might still see more Dopamine Dressing after this summer.

  • White

The rave of bold colors does not seem to have affected how much white we are seeing this summer. Like black, white is one of the most common colors for shoes as it goes well with almost everything. 

Workplaces have seen a regular transition between white and black shoes, but white seems to be the color for beaches and cocktail dinners. Of course, other colors are making their entrances, but this summer is still very white. 

What Are You Wearing This Summer?

Whether on the dance floor, beach, or heading for work, you have enough trends to let your foot explore. So, get those pedicures, use Ounass Coupon Code to save cost, and wear the shoes of your dreams as you take those beautiful strides.

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