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Mice Removal Tips for Walls and Attics in All Homes

Mice are pretty annoying little creatures evolved perfectly to carry bacteria and viruses in our houses. A typical house mouse tends to seek shelter inside any home building. Their typical dusty grey or brown color and the quite sizable existence annoys most of us to the core. 

House mice are pesky creatures that can outlive any environment, including their own. They reproduce rapidly in houses with no care for how many there may be or what kind of challenges they face. When left unchecked by powerpestcontrol services like ours who provide safe and effective service to get rid of them once-and-for all – these pests grow into serious problem quickly!

There are some quality pest control Vancouver services in Canada and also for other parts of the country. Any wall cracks or attics as a whole are their most preferred homes. Here are some tips that can enable you to have mice free walls and attics:

Seal Every Gap in the Walls

Mice are typically capable to fit in small spaces. They actually thrive on hiding out in small spaces where no one usually checks. Wall cracks are typical mice hiding places. Be sure to close and seal every gap in your walls or doors and windows as well for them to stay out. 

Plug All Canals and Passageways

Usually, homes have small canals or passageways running beneath them. Most of these are also hidden and unknown for homeowners as well. Yet, there are so many little canals lying under floors and even bathrooms or kitchens in most homes. Plug all to stop any mice from entering.

Remove Unattended Food, Water and Harborage Resources

Mice look for sources of food and water from waste areas. They also are on constant search for harborage in houses and homes. Eliminate any unattended food or water sources they might settle on. Remove any food wastages from inside the house. Store them neatly even in the backyard or garage.

Control any Food Smells

The smell of fresh food attracts mice as well. Your house will do much better against mice attacks if you can stop these smells from attracting them. Simply, store all your food items in containers that are sealed nicely. Make sure you refrigerate all your food items overnight to avoid mice coming for them.

Keep Attics Well Ventilated and Dry

If there is one thing we know about mice, it is that they love humidity. This is exactly why there are so many mice living in attics. Canada being one of the more humid and cold country of the world, has a lot of attic mice problem in houses. Any quality pest control services would tell you to keep attics dry.

Store Firewood 20 Feet Away from Your Doors

Mice make their home near firewood often. This is a genetic coding that they have to live near firewood. The best thing you can do is to store all your firewood at least 20 feet away from your entry doors in the backyard. This way, all those mice will not find easy ways inside the house when no one is looking.

Risks with Mice Attacks and Infestations

Of course, the world is not scared of mice for no reason. There are plenty of risk factors linked with mice that have made things this way. These little rodent pests are known to be quite damaging for humans under different conditions.

  • Mice Are Adapted Bacteria and Virus Carriers – Mice are arguably biggest bacteria and virus carriers. Their immune systems have evolved in a way that most viruses or bacteria don’t damage them but provide enough carrying abilities for mice. The bubonic plague of the middle ages is a stark reminder of just that.
  • Mice Make Houses Dirty – Since mice love trash, dirty waste muds and all other kinds of filthy materials, they bring all them back to your home. When they are covered in drain waste materials, they will move that inside your home causing smells and visual discomforts.
  • Mouse Waste Can Accumulate – As mice are mammals (like us humans), they have a natural tendency to defecate. Although a single mouse waste might not even be noticed, they can accumulate over time. Attics and wall cracks are usually filled with mouse waste in houses with mice infestations.
  • Mice Bring Other Pests – Although unintentionally, mice are culprits of attracting other pests in your home as well. Pests like fleas, mites, ticks and lice always make their way into your home following mice. Just imagine how many bacteria all that brings into your home.
  • Contacting reliable pest control Surrey service or a service provider in your local area quickly is the best option if you see any mice droppings, urine staining or damaged food containers. 


It is always easy to get mice control service rather that a mice removal for your home. You should follow our tips and keep all these mice away from your house at all times. Once they have made your home their place to live, you can contact any decent mice removal or control expert. Professionals will be able to assess the situation in a more detailed way and devise a proper treatment for your problem.

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