Why Should You Get Your Florida Real Estate Broker License?

Being a real estate broker can be a fulfilling career, especially if you’ve taken virtual classes in the real estate course, as you can represent and interact with different people of varied backgrounds. As a result, you receive the basic tools to secure your job and increase your earning power with a particular industry qualification. Working as a real estate broker is liberating because there is no monotony in doing the same thing every day, the freedom of being your boss, and the satisfaction of helping buyers and sellers through one of life’s major milestones. The returns are also good due to the high demand in real estate transactions.

Florida real estate broker license

Getting a real estate broker license is a hassle-free and relatively quick and affordable process; you don’t need a college degree to get licensed. However, there are requirements to fulfill, such as real estate associate and real estate broker.

You need to finish a 24 months program as an active real estate sales associate for five years before applying. You should also complete 72 hours FREC- approved pre-licensing courses for brokers. After this, you can apply by filling the form, paying the fee, and submitting the forms and fingerprints to the Florida registry.

You’ll again need to take and pass the Florida real estate broker examinations with a grade of 75 or higher. To activate the Florida real estate broker license, you’ll have to complete a DBPR RE13 broker transaction form and do a 60-hour FREC- approved post-licensing course for brokers before the initial broker license expires.

Why do you want the license?

You may ask if it’s worth the time and money to invest in getting the license; the advantages are worth it. They include good deals in the industry and networks with licensed agents making more money on commissions; these are excellent incentives for getting a license.

Every smart business investor wants to stay ahead of the competition; when you have the license, you have access to multiple listing services. Other benefits include focusing on the best neighborhoods and spotting the new properties on the market faster. MLS has rich data on past and present sales, prices, and more valuable information. The data gives information on which neighborhoods sell faster, homes popular with buyers, and the types of buyers to attract.

The license gives you the stamp of authority. It provides networking with opportunities that open doors to work with experienced agents who will, in turn, refer clients to you and boost your sales revenues. You will have access to several agents from the office you can help sell their properties on commission.

As an established and licensed agent, you can buy properties and have full control in coming up with sales price and payment terms. You also have the privilege of dealing with lenders, appraisers, inspectors, and lawyers directly, which is key in building your portfolio and business network.

How to get a license?

Getting a Florida real estate broker license requires time and money. You need to take a pre-licensing course from an accredited real estate licensing school before sitting for the real estate license exams. In Florida, the course takes 63 hours. Take the licensing exam and activate the real estate broker license.

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