Meth is Not Your Regular Drug; It’s More Dangerous Than You Think!

A single-use of methamphetamine or meth is enough to make you want to use it again. This substance is so strong it grips your brain in the first use itself. It induces your brain to produce huge amounts of dopamine. This is abnormal. 

Yet, the results make you feel so nice that you want to take the drug again. Soon, abnormal seem normal. Your brain gets so used to releasing a flood of dopamine that it “forgets” to release this hormone in a normal manner. 

That’s what makes you an addict. Once your brain becomes dependent, you cannot refuse. 

It’s not wrong to say that addiction is all about the ‘brain game.’ Yet, the chemical structure of drugs also harms your vital organs. 

It is useless to fight addiction on your own. Joining a drug rehab center would be a wise thing to do. 

Why can’t you fight addiction alone? 

Yes, many people might have this question in mind. There are two reasons for it:

  • The cravings are monstrously strong. It’s rare to find an addict to empower these cravings. If you could, you wouldn’t be an addict in the first place! 
  • The withdrawal symptoms are terrible. They can turn life-threatening too. It’s not worth taking such a risk when there are experts available to help you de-addict safely. 

Another strong reason to not de-addict alone

Addiction is a disease. You need medical assistance to treat it. In this context, methamphetamine addiction is not a bad habit; it’s a disease. 

Drugs target your brain, especially the reward center. They induce the brain to produce a rush of dopamine, which is related to happiness, pleasure, motivation, reward, learning, and memory retention. 

So you see, your brain gets badly hit by drugs like meth. Prolonged use can alter the chemical structure of the brain. It is not possible and also not safe to deal with brain issues at home. This needs medical intervention. 

Forcing yourselves to stop using meth can backfire. Until and unless you don’t re-wire the brain, you cannot stop taking meth. And this can be done through an organized approach and treatment, which includes detox and therapies. Centers like the Mississippi drug rehab center offer comprehensive recovery programs. 

What is meth actually? 

Meth is made of amphetamine and other chemicals. It stimulates the central nervous system. Earlier, it was prescribed as a weight loss pill and a decongestant. It was available legally in pill form and as an injection in the US. 

With the increase in its abuse, the FDA 1970 regulated the drug as Schedule II Controlled Substance. Today, it has restricted use. It is illegal to buy meth now. 

At present, only one prescription of meth is available. It is Desoxyn, prescribed for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHA) and obesity. 

Meth addicts use illicit forms of this drug – meth and crystal meth. Both are different but carry the same chemical structure. 
Withdrawal treatment from meth is a challenge. Yet, with expert help, you can overcome the challenge and win over your addiction. Meth abuse can produce nightmarish consequences to your physical and mental health. Banish this drug from your life now!

Radhe Gupta
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