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Mandarmani | A short trip destination

Well, with a two days short trip you can get out of chaos and struggle of everyday life. And if you love to visit in a calm sea shore within west bengal then you can definitely choose Mandarmani over anything. Though this place is not as named as Digha but you can compare it with Goa sea beach. A nice calm sea beach within few kilometer from Digha Seabeach, Mandarmani a very natural sea shore. 

To reach this place the nearest airport is Kolkata Airport or nearest railway station is Howrah railway station. From Kolkata airport or from Howrah station you can hire an outstation cabs and go to Mandarmani, which is around 160 KM distance. You can book Gozocabs for your Kolkata to Mandarmani trip where you can opt for one way or round trip while you can keep the cab with you till your return at an affordable cost. 

Now after reaching, there are many hotels you can stay or you can book your hotel from a website like MMT, OYO, Fab hotels, etc. There are various hotels available ranging from 5 stars to normal medium quality at great prices. After booking your hotel take a rest and go for lunch, there are various restaurants available for your meals. You can get various plates of seafood easily and at cheaper prices. take your meal and take a few minutes rests. 

In the evening you can go to the seashore to visit and feel the mesmerizing breeze and spend some quality times with your loved ones. After that you can go to the local market for various shopping, there are multiple shops available which sell various hand made jewelry that you can purchase and also various handlooms shops and various side seafood shops available that you can enjoy. In the night go to your hotel and take rest. 

On the next day go to the sea beach where there are various rides available like banana boating, kayaking, etc available as the sea here is calm so you can easily enjoy all this riding. Take bath in the sea. Also, you can visit nearby places like shankarpur, tajpur, etc with booking a cab. You can visit this place in a day these places are also seashore. 

Next day its time to back from this calm beautiful sea beach. If you booked Gozocabs for outstation trip then the cab is ready for you to get you back to your home from Mandarmani. There are also bus service available to Kolkata from where you can take your flight or train to your destination city.

If you are planning for a short trip then Mandarmani is a great place for your short trip. get out of busy life and visit this calm sea beach for peace of mind. This place will surely mesmerize from your daily busy schedule. An overall budget place to visit. And if you have love for local handmade jewelry or handpicked items then this place with nearby shops will surely cover your shopping needs. And the kinds of seafood are great here that you will surely enjoy. 

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