Laser hair removal techniques in 2020- Why Nd: YAG is the best option?


Dealing with excessive and stubborn body hair is an arduous job. Not everyone has the energy, or the resources to go to beauty salons and pay hundreds of pounds to get rid of the unwanted hair. Besides that, the pain that one has to deal with during waxing and threading is not everybody’s cup of tea. However, the world that we live in today has endless possibilities, and if you’re looking at the right places, you can find all the solutions to all your body hair problems. 

You can save yourself the trouble of spending a chunk of money on razors, waxing and threading, which is required almost twice a month, by opting for a procedure called laser hair removal. By definition, this technique uses a laser beam to destroy the hair follicles of the target area, to limit and ultimately stop the growth of hair permanently. Although it might sound like a high-end approach towards unwanted hair removal, it is relatively more convenient and less costly ( in the long run) than other seemingly-simpler hair removing techniques. 

Most people think there might only be one way to go around laser hair removal, but that is not true. Technology evolution and vigorous research have made it possible for people to choose from a wide variety of laser hair removal techniques. Considering the skin tone, the colour of the hair and the thickness of the hair, you can choose a method that suits you best. Below is a list of a few laser hair removal techniques that you must look into if you’re deciding to give this magical machine a try. 

Nd: YAG Laser Hair Removal: 

Nd: YAG laser hair removal stands at the top for being the best hair removing techniques. The fact that it works like magic on people with darker tones, owes to the success of this method. That is possible because of its low melanin absorption rate. It offers the usage of the longest wavelengths among the other laser techniques, which makes it a reliable option. Additionally, with Nd: YAG, the results are permanent Laser Hair Removal Machines.

The only downside of this model is that it takes more than a few sittings to get significant hair removal results. Also, it tends to be one of the few laser hair removal techniques that are slightly uncomfortable. Anyhow, this is the only laser hair removing methodologies that guarantee the complete elimination of unwanted hair from your body. 

Diode Laser Hair Removal: 

Diode laser hair removal is one of the newest techniques that has taken the aesthetician world by storm. The designing of this model emphasizes on destroying thick and dark hair from bodies that have lighter skin tones. However, people born with a darker skin tone can also take advantage of this method. Diode lasers also enhance melanin absorption due to their ability to emit both short and long wavelengths. 

Nevertheless, there is more research required to gauge the long-lasting aftereffects for this relatively new laser hair removal method. Since it is the latest hair removing methodology, people don’t know much about it.  Moreover, one more reason why Nd: YAG is better than using diode lasers is that the former penetrates deeper into the hair follicles, ensuring long-lasting results, in contrast to diode lasers. 

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal: 

After Nd: Yag lasers, Alexandrite lasers offer the longest wavelengths that penetrate deep into the hair follicles, destroy the papilla and stop hair growth once and for all. It is also one of the oldest laser hair removal techniques, so there is a lot of data that declares this method efficient and safe. One of the significant advantages of Alexandrite lasers is that they are suitable for a wide range of skin tones, including olive skins as well. 

However, due to the high melanin absorption rate of Alexandrite lasers, the chances of skin discolouration become pretty high. Moreover, the level of discomfort and pain that comes with this model is not extreme, but you can expect some uneasiness. People who have a low pain threshold are reluctant to go for this treatment and prefer going for Nd: YAG, as it gives similar results without much pain and discomfort. 

If you want to opt for a laser hair removal technique and don’t know which one will suit you best, visit Seness – one of the leading laser hair removal clinics in Cheshire, UK. 


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