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Is Walking Good For Back Pain? A comprehensive guide

Backache has been tormenting so many of us for so long. It is an extremely painful and debilitating condition that does not have a proper treatment. For most people, painkillers become a staple, which in itself is a problem as they have adverse impacts on the stomach as well. 

Moreover, an episode of backache can last for even months. It interferes with daily functioning, preventing people from carrying on with domestic and work routines. Many times, this back aggravates to the point of becoming a disability. 

The causes of back pain are numerous. Lifestyle, anatomical sources like pinched spinal nerve, and even psychological factors like depression and stress influence back pain. However, the crux of the problem is determining the source of the pain, which is very difficult to do. 

Hence, considering the stakes involved and the complexity of the process, the diagnosis has to be done by medical professionals alone. As the pain can get progressively worse, therefore, 

Schedule an immediate visit to the doctor. Whilst it has become difficult to visit doctors due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, however, an online consultation would suffice too. 

Backache is an enigma

Since various factors are involved in causing the backache, it is extremely difficult to precisely and quickly determine the cause of the ache in most of the cases. This lack of cohesive diagnosis then causes hurdles in the process of treatment. 

Moreover, unfortunately, the popular methods of treating backache like surgery, painkillers, and steroid injections are not very useful for most patients. They provide temporary relief but do not cure the problem, due to which the issue persists regardless. 

Also, many such treatment regimens are hit and trial, as doctors need to perform extensive workup in order to reach the culprit. And this very task is extremely convoluted to do. Therefore, there is no easy and fool-proof solution to curing backache.

Alternative therapy and Treatment

Due to this gap between diagnosis and treatment, many experts recommend exploring the alternative options, albeit with the consent of the doctors. Certain exercises like aerobics, Pilates are useful for the treatment of backache. 

Chiropractors can be a great source of help as well. Many people have benefitted from acupuncture etc. However, such treatments still might not work for everyone and may be costly. 

Therefore, perhaps the soundest route is through exercise and physical activity, as they are more effective, easy to do, and are very economical. Whilst these approaches are not drastic in their impact, but they help in battling the pain

Moreover, as opposed to the modern medical practices that involve the use of some strong drugs, which are in fact not very good for health, the benefits of exercise become two-fold. 

Also, the years-old misconception that bed rest and drugs are the gateway to back pain treatment has been debunked. Staying active is key in the treatment of the pain, and bed rest is rather counterproductive.

Therefore, take up regular walking

Remaining active is very important for patients suffering from backache. Resting or remaining active actually delays the process of recovery. One such excellent activity is walking. 

Walking increases blood flow

As we walk, we improve our circulation to the muscles of the back. This helps in the process of healing of the soft tissue. Also, walking comes under the domain of generalized physical activity, which is better for non-specific acute back pain. 

Such patients are not recommended to do exercises as a remedy for their back problems. Many exercises like strength training actually aggravate the situation as they further impose on the muscle. Hence, walking is safer and well suited to most of the backaches. 

Walking is very convenient 

Unlike other activities, walking does not need excessive preparations. It can literally be carried out anywhere, at any time. A pair of good shoes is all it takes to walk. Furthermore, the crux of the idea is to have physical activity; whether it be some leisurely activity like a stroll through the park or chore-like a grocery run, it is easy to fit such a workout into the daily routine. 

Furthermore, walking, unlike other exercises, is not constrained by the presence of an instructor or expert, does not require any accessories, and can be done literally anywhere so is very accessible. Ergo, walking to backache relief is a very effective and pragmatic healing approach. 

Walking helps build muscles

One of the reasons why backache occurs is due to the weak muscles in the back. As they work hard to maintain the upward posture of the body, it is very important for them to be strong. Walking helps promote the strength of the muscles and thereby aids in remedying the back pain that stems from weakened muscles. 

Although, pay attention to your posture

The good impact of walking can be dampened if the exercise is not carried out with the correct posture. Spine has to be in a neutral position to protect the back during the walk. Moreover, a good posture in it of itself can help with the aches in the back. 

Take Away

Back pains are a complicated subject due to the various underlying causes. Modern medicine has a mixed response to it as the diagnosis process is very cumbersome. Therefore, alternative practices can be a great source of help in this regard as they have proven to be effective. 

However, it does not mean that a visit to the doctor can be skipped for in the case of backaches. Many problems like tumors and pinched nerves can be detected through imaging tests. Hence, the first course of action for an aching back is visiting a good doctor and then getting a test like a CT scan in Karachi from a credible place. Then, if there is no obvious reason for the aches, carry on with physical activity like walking to get relief from the pain. 

Harshvardhan Jha
Harsh Vardhan Jha is an Indian business blogger. He believes that Content and Social Media Marketing are the strongest forms of marketing nowadays and also know how to work on. You can contact him...

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