How to wear hijab properly?

The scarf is a significant aspect of the dignity of a Muslim girl. The Muslim dressing allows a female to hide her whole body with loose clothes, without her face and hands. The word hijab applies to the concept of dignity in a specific context, although it is also seemed to relate to the covering of the head itself. The goal of the scarf headwear is to hide the head, hair, neck, and ears of a female from unknown males and to mark her as a supporter of Islam. Although growing society has its distinctive style of carrying a hijab, a clearly covered scarf covering the face is the most practical way to exercise dignity.

Not Begin with wet hair.

You ‘re going to have to clip the hair if you’re going to wear a scarf, but binding a wet hair will hurt the core. Prevent hair injury or even loss of hair by blow-drying the hairs absolutely until you clip them together or add some folds of cloth around the head. 

Trying to cover wet hair prevents it from drying, and if you’re not patient, you can wind up with a scalp disease.

Safe your hair in a loose braid, bun, or ponytail at your head’s back

Drag your hair back to the shape you want. Carry the quantity to the neckline for a straight line or put your bun upward if you want a bun shape profile. 

While your hair falls over your ears, wrap the edge of the hair to avoid any hair from remaining uncovered.

Avoid tying your hair very firmly because it can get sticky and cause you a pain in the head during the rest of the day. Try to keep the hairs far from your face without grabbing it.

Continuously pulling the hairs may also inflict the hair damage. If you normally go for a firm bun, select a relaxed braid one time in a week to place less tension on the roots.

Bangs away short hair from your face by clipping them 

Assemble small sections of hair in One hand & hold them in place with the other hand through using some hair catchers or hair clips. Catchers face-framing threads on the edge of the ear or behind the ear to prevent these from slipping off.

If your hair is short or you’ve got long hair, it will be a bit easier to pull the hair up. Yet any string would also have to be kept in position.

Seek to tie the long hair around before you pull them down.

Before positioning the outside hijab, wear an under the scarf.

The three primary styles of under scarves everyone is dressed uniquely. Pick your favorite look and slide it over your ear, tie it, or lock it in position, if appropriate.

The under scarf may give you extra shielding and help keep your hair behind. 

Because certain kinds are stretchable and shape-fitting to your head, the under scarf can also help hold the hijabs in position.

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