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How to pick the right women’s ethnic wear online

Ethnic Pakistani wear is largely famous over the globe. Be it gharara or saree for ladies or kurtas for men, the charm that Pakistani outfits ooze has unquestionably reached over the globe. Myriads of brilliant colors, the intricate designs and patterns and rich textures makes traditional Pakistani clothing unique from the rest of the world. Ethnic wear for women like anarkali and churidar, kurta pajama, shalwar kameez, sari and etc, have become a fashion rage among women globally.

With regards to women’s ethnic wear, currently medium length or short or long kurta with straight-fit pajama is a perfect choice for traditional events or some other formal event. This ethnic Pakistani wear looks staggering because of its fine details and meticulous designs. They are accessible in all sizes with a range of fabrics, shades and styles on different brands all over the world. 

Here is some basic info about women’s kameez or kurta that you need to know:


Women’s kurtas come in two styles. You can either get a traditional ethnic kurta or a modern one with embellishments and flattering cuts and all fancy things considered. 

Traditional kurtas have a great deal of embellishments and intricate designs along with simple straight cuts. They have generous loose fit and long length. 

Modern kurtas, what makes present day kurtas not the same as conventional variations is that they have unique prints, sleeves style and neck. They also have little embellishments or subtle embroidery and are typically shorter than traditional kurtas. 


Kurtas are produced using a wide range of materials or mix of materials like chiffon, cotton, linen and silk. The materials utilized in the formation of a certain kurta will decide its texture, weight and style.


Lastly, you should consider which kind of kurta you want. There are two kinds of kurtas for women; formal and casual kurtas.

Casual kurtas are produced using delicate lightweight materials and can be worn around the house. 

Formal kurtas have complex patterns and texture and typically cost more than casual kurtas. These are meant for formal or special occasions. 

How to shop ethnic wear online?

Online shopping can be really overwhelming sometimes as there are a multitude of options there. To help you DE clutter your mind and have a great online shopping experience, here is a guide that you’ll surely find useful. Give it a read:

Before you open your gadget and start adding kurtas to your cart, here are a couple of things you need to keep in your mind when purchasing the ideal kurta pajama or shalwar kameez for yourself. Here’s the guide: 

1. Select the right size 

Many of us make a common yet big mistake when it comes to online shopping and that is randomly adding outfits to the cart without being certain about your sizes. Furthermore, buying something that is a couple of sizes larger and then altering it once it has been delivered is a sheer waste of time. If you want to shop online, here’s a standard for you to follow – measure yourself and know your right size. Pick a style that suits your body type and adds to your overall look rather than making you look big and bulky. 

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2. Consider the time of the event while picking a color 

Make sure that the color you choose suits you well and compliments your complexion. Likewise, with regards to the selection of colors for ethnic wear that is intended for a gathering, you should make the choice while keeping the event time in your mind. For instance, for a day event you should pick a light color or pastel ones and for a night occasion go for dark vibrant colors. Color coordination is really important. Pick a color contrasting your bottom and accessories. Do not wear light or pastel colors for night and events and vice versa as they can backfire and ruin your plan.

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3. Check the credibility of online store

These days it has become difficult to find a credible online brand that deals in women’s ethnic clothing. If you are wanting to order a ethnic kurta or kameez shalwar online, firstly you should think about a few factors before you pick your outfit. Most importantly, you should consider the style and material of the ethnic wear that you need to purchase. Besides, you will also need to decide whether you want a casual flow light-textured kurta or a formal ones with embellishment and details. Taking a gander at these factors won’t just assist you with finding the best pick, they can even help you with saving some money. So if you’re searching for women’s kurta pajama or shalwar kameez online then do some research i.e, compare different brands, read customer reviews, ask for recommendations and check their credibility.

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