How to maintain healthy hair for color-treated curls


Coloring our hair can be one of the most radical and life-changing beauty processes but it can also damage our hair greatly. There are many cheap options or salon services that can help us achieve the ultimate hair color but we also have to keep in mind that color-treated curls need much more care. Let’s see how we can have the hair color of our dreams and still keep our hair healthy.

1. The diet

It may not be the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about hair care but our diet and lifestyle can greatly influence the quality of our skin and hair. The food for healthy hair is in general the food that has healthy fats and minerals that will boost the healthy hair growth and the production of keratin. This component is very important for the resistance and strength of our hair and this is why it is found in so many hair conditioners and care products.

Having a healthy water intake is also very important because it was proved that it keeps a healthy and hydrated scalp which is vital for the health of the hair. This change of lifestyle will also boost your immune system and help your well-being in general.

2. Be careful what color you choose

Coloring your wavy curls leaves little to no damage to the texture and health of the hair in general. But here comes the big problem. Extreme colors like electric red or platinum blonde require bleaching. No matter how healthy your hair is, bleaching can alter the texture and make your curls looser or very coarse. Frizzy hair can also come creeping around the corner if you don’t hydrate your hair properly after bleaching and coloring.

Bleaching is also not very good for the hair ends, especially if you have long hair. Healthy ends of the hair will have to be maintained with a lot of work after bleaching but if you are decided to go for a funky color make sure that you are prepared to give your hair some extra love.

3. Be careful with the products

All shampoos and conditioners may look the same on the shelf but the thing that is vital when choosing them is the label on the back. Many women quickly lose the color from their locks and they end up with an undesired hairstyle because they are using products that have sulfates and silicone. These components are not good for your hair in general and color-treated curls should be kept away from them.

The hair conditioner should also be selected very carefully. Try to go for the ones that have keratin or other natural nutrients and for the ones that promote the healthy growth of hair. 

4. Deep conditioning

You’re welcome. This procedure is one of the easiest and simplest things you can do for your hair. The recipe can also be prepared at home and the whole procedure is very relaxing and pampering. There are also salon services that provide deep conditioning that can guarantee healthy ends of hair.

This beauty procedure will feed your hair cuticle with all the needed nutrients, keeping the cuticle closed and the integrity of the hair intact. This way your hair will keep its beauty and natural shine while preserving the color for a longer time. Deep conditioning can easily be compared with fast-food for healthy hair, giving all the love and care needed in a short time.

5. Avoid too much heat and sun

Guarding your curls against the sun can be one of the best ways to promote a healthy and shiny color. The sun is known for tanning our skin but it also has the property to take out the color from the hair. The best thing to do is to apply heat-protective sprays or a funky and fashionable hair wrap. Besides the fact that you will be guarding your hair you will also be one of the most fashionable on the beach.

Hot water is also not a very good ally for color-treated curls because it can take out the dye from the cuticle. The water should be lukewarm to preserve the integrity and health of your color and curls.

Coloring your curls is a very fun and fashionable experience that can greatly change your style and look. Many things can go bad during this process but the tips presented should keep your natural curls on point and the color vibrant and shiny. Remember to take care of your hair and to give it lots of love. Follow these healthy hair habits and trust us, your hair will thank you for that and you will be able to longer enjoy your new funky curls.


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