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How To Dress Nicely According To Your Body Type

Every woman’s body is unique. No matter what size or shape your body has, it will still look good in a dress as long as you know how to pick one that will complement your body. 

While shopping for a dress can be one of the most exciting activities for most women, it may also get frustrating if you have no idea how to find a dress that would suit your body shape. Here are several brilliant tips to help you figure out your body type and find clothes that perfectly suit your body. 

What Are The Common Female Body Shapes?

There are five usual female body shapes. It includes: 

Hourglass Body Shape 

This is the body shape that women envy. It is the most balanced of all shapes because of its proportionate top and bottom. It also has a clean-cut waistline. So when looking for a dress that will suit your hourglass figure, you need to ensure that it can highlight your noteworthy assets. 

The dress must hug the right curves and stick to the outline of your body structure. After all, not everyone has this type of body. So flaunt it if you have it. 

Best Dresses For Hourglass Shaped Body – Find dresses with sweetheart or V-neck necklines to showcase your upper body. You may accentuate your waistline with a belt. You may also get A-line dresses or body-hugging dresses. Yet, it would be best to avoid oversized dresses if you want to highlight your figure. 

Apple Shaped Body

If you have a heavier upper body compared to your lower body part, then you belong to the Apple shape category. It means you have broader shoulders and a bigger bustline. 

Because most of your weight and focus lie above the hips, the mid-riff area looks heavier than the rest of the body. Ensure that you divert the attention from that area of the body and concentrate on your assets like your legs or neckline.

Best Dresses For Apple Shape Body – Empire cut or A-line dresses are the best for this body figure. You may also wear printed dresses or jackets with interesting patterns to shift the focus away from the heavy areas. It is also best to avoid figure-hugging dresses since they will only accentuate your problem areas.  

Pear-Shaped Body 

If you have a larger butt and thicker thighs but have a smaller upper body, it means you belong to the Pear Shape category. It is one of the most popular body shapes at the moment, thanks to the trend started by Hollywood celebrities like Kim Kardashian. 

It is easier to achieve the illusion of an hourglass figure with this body shape. You only need to know how to balance your outfit completely. It is also a good idea to enhance your lower body assets with the clothes that you wear. 

Best Dresses For Pear Shaped Body – A-line dresses with ruffled or patterned tops look great in this body type. You may also invest in dresses with boat necks or deep-V necklines to create a balance in your looks. You must avoid loose bottoms if you want to avoid drawing too much attention to that part of your body. 

Rectangular Body Shape 

If your upper and lower body has an equal proportion, it means that you belong to the group of women with Rectangular Body Shape. 

Since both your arms and legs can be considered your assets, you may focus on those areas. You can choose dresses that will make your limbs stand out. 

Best Dresses for Rectangular Body Shape – Ruffled and layered tops with an A-line skirt will be your best option when looking for a dress. It is also nice to get sleeveless or strapless outfits. You should avoid overarching dresses if you do not want to look too frumpy. 

Inverted Triangle Body Shape 

Women with athletic-looking figures normally belong to the Inverted Triangle body category. The shoulders are broader compared to the hips. It means that you can highlight your shoulders and arms with your dress. 

If you want to look good in an outfit, you must add more definition to your hip area. It will help create a visual balance. 

Best Dresses For Inverted Triangle Body Shape – Dresses in pencil cut skirt look great to balance out your broader upper body. You must also choose dresses with V-neck lines to make an illusion of having narrower shoulders.  

Shopping for dresses based on your body type will assure you that you will look great in your chosen outfit. If you look good, you will feel more confident as well. So ensure that you have an idea about your body shape before making any dress purchase.

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