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How To Claim Compensation For A Medical Negligence

The UK has one of the best healthcare systems around the world, boasting the most professionally trained technicians and doctors, and a proper system put in place by the government that takes great care of its citizens. However, you can never have anything at 100% and despite a great system, chances of errors and negligence remain. These errors may occur due to inexperienced technicians at work, lack of knowledge, and mostly due to untrained staff working in hospitals that aren’t properly funded.

It’s awful to be a victim of medical negligence and you must know how to deal when faced with such a situation. Read further to know how to claim for medical negligence. 

Filing A Complaint

The consequences of medical negligence can be very light or severe. If your case wasn’t too serious, and you’re uncertain about claiming for compensation, it’s better to write a letter to the management of the hospital elaborating your case in detail and expecting an explanation or apology from them in return. However, if their negligence has made your condition worse or caused severe injuries, due to which you had to suffer from financial losses as well as physical pain, this is when you should seek monetary compensation. Get in touch with a medical negligence solicitor right away to get the claim you deserve. 

People You Can Claim Against

Before you jump into the process of a medical negligence claim, it’s important that you know who to claim against. These claims can be made against anyone responsible for your condition. This includes surgeons, dentists, technicians, and any mental health professionals. 

You need to be sure you weren’t at fault to qualify for a medical negligence case. Moreover, the medical claims should be filed in a court within three years of the mishap. However, there are certain exceptions in this period. For instance, if the harm caused to you, due to negligence, was discovered after a few months, the date of knowledge will be considered in such cases. In any case, it’s better to get in touch with a professional medical negligence lawyer.

How To Claim For Medical Negligence

Medical negligence cases are a bit complicated, as compared to other claims. You need to understand how the law works to win your case. To win a medical negligence case, you will have to prove two factors:

  • The Liability: the technician or medical professional treating you wasn’t as qualified as their counterparts in other places or maybe in the same hospital. 
  • The Cause: you should have concrete evidence that the damage you suffered was inflicted due to the negligence of the staff. Getting a claim against medical professionals is fairly difficult because even when you’re certain that the doctor treating you has caused you the pain, other medical professionals can step forward in the defense of their colleague, stating that they would have followed the same procedure. Unfortunately, your case will not be entertained if this happens. 

You must hire an expert solicitor at your earliest when encountered with such a situation. They will know how to answer all the questions and tackle any complex situation to ensure the desired results. 

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