Five Preparations You Should Make Before Using Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

Cleaning your carpets regularly is important; carpets are becoming an important need of the homes and offices these days. We are going to discuss some steps which you need to follow before carpet cleaning.

Make sure that you hire professionals for the steam carpet cleaning. However, even if professionals are cleaning the carpets, you need to prepare before the cleaning. We are going to discuss some cleaning tips. 

Cleaning would remove all the stains 

The cleaning of the carpets would remove all the visible stains from the carpets. You can easily improve the smell of your rooms by cleaning the curtains. The detergents used by the carpet cleaning Melbourne are gentle and add fragrance and freshness to the carpets. It is also important to ensure that carpets are given enough time for the drying as well after the cleaning. Move all the furniture away from the carpets or cover the legs of the heavy furniture. Here are five preparations you need to do before using cleaning services.

Remove all the expensive furniture away from the carpets

Carpet cleaning becomes easy when the space is clear. When you allow the professionals to clean the carpets, remove all the expensive material away, including the furniture. You should remove the bags and shoes as well because they may become dirty due to the cleaning of the carpets. After all, dust removed from the carpet would stain these things. The cleaning process often uses water; cleaning would not damage the furniture or other belongings if the area is cleared. 


You should think about the walls of the room as well, especially when hiring professional services; they may be careless and destroy the walls. The paint of the wall would be destroyed if the cleaners have large hoses, therefore use quality painters tape to protect your walls. The area which needs more protection includes corners, doorways, and baseboards.

You should be extra careful when cleaning the carpets on your own. Cover the legs of the furniture; you should protect the baseboards and the edges. 

Protect your curtains as well

Curtains also need protection, make sure that you hang up the curtains when cleaning the carpets. Carpets become wet during the cleaning and would invite molds due to the dampness. Some cleaners also have attachments that can clean your upholstery and curtains as well aside from the carpets. 

Keep the pets out

Pets are cute and loved in every home, but they often create a lot of problems for the homeowners, therefore keeping them out of the home, especially when cleaning the carpets. When the pets are damp, their hairs will stick to the carpets if they are perfectly dry, so keep them away from the carpets. However, make sure that you don’t frighten your pets due to the machines’ noise or the newcomers in the home. You should train your pets so that they don’t create problems for you in the future.

Vacuuming the carpets

The carpet cleaning services may not vacuum the carpets before cleaning, but it is good to start the cleaning process with the vacuuming. Ensure that you are slowly vacuuming the carpets, slow and small strokes of vacuum would effectively clean the carpets. Slow vacuuming would clean the dirt, which is lying deep in the carpet. When the layer of dirt is already removed, it becomes easy for the professional cleaners to clean the carpets. It takes few minutes to vacuum the carpets.

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