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Fall Weed Strains and Where to Smoke Them

While fall temperatures might not have reached every corner of the country, the calendar doesn’t lie: Summer is over, and autumn is here. To celebrate the season, most everyone is indulging in everything warm and spicy — to include weed strains. If you are looking for the right terpene profile for fall, look no further than the following earthy, spicy names, perhaps in any of the following states with legal bud and gorgeous fall scenery.

Strains Perfect for the Fall Season

For many, it wouldn’t be fall without warm, spicy flavors like cinnamon and ginger or earthy aromas like hazelnut and nutmeg. Fortunately, with over 400 terpenes and almost unlimited combinations of them, cannabis does have strains that can fill a user with the feelings of fall. Here are the strains you should look for in your local dispensary this season:

Jack Herer. A popular strain available almost everywhere, this sativa has a delightful earthy flavor with notes of citrus and brown sugar. When you use Jack Herer, you will feel a clear-headed, blissful high that helps you enjoy the crisp fall air.

Oregon Diesel. This bud tastes like a farmer’s market in the Pacific Northwest: berries, earth, gasoline. Indica-dominant, Oregon Diesel will melt your stress away and likely give you the giggles, which is great for a stroll through a park in the fall.

Dogwalker OG. Dogwalker OG is a balanced hybrid with an intensely complex flavor profile that mixes skunk and wood with light and bright lemon. This strain tends to make users feel calm and focused, so you can take in the power and beauty of the changing season.

White Buffalo. A strain that might be a bit harder to find (quite like its namesake), this strain is floral and woody in all the right ways. You are likely to feel pure and unadulterated happiness when you consume White Buffalo, so it is appropriate for essentially any fall activity.

Wedding Cake. Like Jack Herer, Wedding Cake is a remarkably popular strain that has many variations. Most taste of tart cherries, vanilla and a slight amount of spice, and you can use this strain to keep you content and relaxed through all the fall-season weddings.

Leaf Peeping States Where Weed Is Legal

Just because it is the month of October doesn’t necessarily mean that you feel the fall season. Southern California, for example, boasts the same sunny, temperate weather year-round, so if you are looking for a crisp fall breeze and stunning red-and-gold foliage, you might need to travel. Fortunately, there are plenty of states that offer legal weed and beautiful fall leaves, such as:

Michigan. The Great Lake state shines in autumn, and it was the first of the Midwestern states to pass legal weed regulations. You can enjoy your Michigan marijuana as you explore the Upper Peninsula, which abounds with picturesque lakeside villages and old-growth trees.

Vermont. The original leaf-peeping state, Vermont claims not only some of the most stunning foliage in the lower 48 but also a delectable amount of maple syrup to celebrate the fall season. Though recreational cannabis sales aren’t yet operational across the state, Vermonters and visitors have been allowed to enjoy bud without penalty since 2018.

Maine. Maine claims some outrageously beautiful fall scenery, which juxtaposes red, orange and yellow leaves with gray skies and blue ocean. You can smoke weed in the major Maine cities and sate your munchies on an iconic lobster roll.

Washington. Seattle isn’t the best place to see fall foliage, but it is a great place to pick up some of the nation’s best pot. You might embark on a scenic drive to see fall color elsewhere in the state — as long as you aren’t high while you’re driving.

Oregon. One of the most pro-weed states in the country, Oregon makes it easy to enjoy the fall and consume cannabis during your trip. You can see fall foliage in Forest Park in Portland, or you can venture deeper into the state for a wilder autumn experience.

If you always fall in love with fall, you should celebrate the season right. A spicy, warm cannabis strain and an adventure in a state surfeit with changing leaves will give you the good autumn feelings you crave.

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