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Dirt Bike Clutch Levers: How to Use them for Maximum Efficiency?

If you are a dirt bike aficionado, mastering the art of using the clutch lever for maximum efficiency is an essential prerequisite to hone your riding skills on tough motocross trails. 

A clutch lever is situated on the left side of the handlebar and plays a vital role in all aspects of the dirt bike ride from start to finish. However, it is imperative to comprehend the utility of the hydraulic clutch lever before commencing dirt bike riding as this mechanism will assist you to shift gears effortlessly and ensure a pleasant riding experience.

Listed herewith are a few tips to draw the best performance from your dirt bike clutch levers:

  • Ensure A Safe Start:

It is advisable to check if the gear is on neutral mode before starting the engine, as this will ensure a smooth beginning. If the bike is in a higher or lower gear, you may experience a sudden jumpstart that could result in injury to both the man and the machine.

After you start the bike on neutral mode, press the clutch lever and shift the gear down to the first level as most dirt bikes have a one down, three up gear ratio. Thereon, releasing the clutch slowly and accelerating the throttle slightly will get you off to a flying start.

  • Managing The RPM Rhythm:

The RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) of a dirt bike engine is an important facet that has to be considered by you at all times whilst operating the dirt bike clutch levers.

Novice dirt bike riders often release the clutch lever quickly whilst simultaneously over-accelerating the throttle to the maximum. This action can be detrimental to the rider as it can spin the dirt bike out of control or stall the engine, leading to a serious accident. Erratic RPM acceleration during bike rides can eventually cause severe engine damage in the long run.

The RPM rhythm of your dirt bike can be easily balanced by adhering to this process:

On starting the bike, press the clutch lever, and shift the gear downwards to the first gear. Release the clutch lever slowly whilst accelerating the throttle at a slow, steady pace to set the bike in motion. Thereafter, decelerate the throttle every time you change gears using the hydraulic clutch lever.

Accurate throttle acceleration and deceleration between gear changes will aid you in maintaining a balanced RPM rhythm and ensure a smooth, uninterrupted ride. 

  • Understanding The Gear Ratio Whilst Using Dirt Bike Clutch Levers:

You have to be well versed with the gear ratio of your dirt bike before riding the machine on any outdoor terrain. Most dirt bikes are equipped with a 4-gear configuration and riders must be familiar with the gearshift pattern along with the hydraulic clutch placement and accelerator position.

If you wish to slow down or stop while cruising at high speeds, you should gradually turn down the throttle and use the clutch lever to shift the gear into lower ratios, all the way down to neutral mode. This action will result in slowing the bike down to a complete halt safely and steadily.

At off-roading competitions, wherein speed and control are of optimum essence, you can use the clutch lever to shift the gear systematically right up to the highest ratio and accelerate the throttle to gain the desired momentum for a podium finish at these events.

  • Maintenance Of Your Dirt Bike Clutch Levers:

Irrespective of your riding prowess, maintenance of your dirt bike clutch levers should be accorded top priority. 

Timely maintenance of a clutch cable will provide you with a hassle-free clutch lever operation and longevity.

Over time, your dirt bike clutch levers will feel stiffer due to sand and dust accumulation within the clutch cable casing. In such situations, the clutch cable has to be carefully removed from the casing, then cleaned and lubricated with specified lubricants such as WD40 or CRC. 

Thereafter, the clutch cable has to be fixed back into the casing and then mounted onto the clutch lever as directed in the instruction manual. Applying a small amount of grease to the clutch lever bolt will provide an adequate amount of play in the clutch movement and ensure user comfort during a ride. 

  • Positioning Your Clutch Lever:

Always check and ensure that the position of your clutch lever is comfortable irrespective of whether you stand or sit on the dirt bike during a ride. 

You must be able to operate the hydraulic clutch lever without straining your wrists. The wrongful positioning of a dirt bike clutch levers can cause loss of strength or arm fatigue in the left arm during long bike rides.

Before embarking on any major biking expedition, off-road rally, or adventure, you should ride your dirt bike in familiar, open terrain and practice your riding skills by using the clutch lever, gear transmission, and braking system in varied weather conditions. 

Understanding the seamless synchronization between these three vital parts of the dirt bike will instill ample confidence in riders aiming to indulge in riding experiences in diverse types of terrain.

These above-mentioned techniques sharpen your riding expertise whilst guiding you to operate your dirt bike clutch levers with maximum efficiency at any motocross event, on or off-road adventure with panache.

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