Different models of Rolex lady datejust watch available in Singapore

Rolex lady datejust watch
Rolex lady datejust watch

Many women are interested in purchasing a high quality luxury watch since it is a fashion accessory and also a collectible whose value will increase over time. Many men are also interested in purchasing luxury watches as a gift for their female friends and relatives since most of the watches are handcrafted and only limited numbers of the watch are usually available. Rolex is one of the most of popular luxury watch brands in the world, and some information about the rolex lady datejust in Singapore is provided for men and women who are interested in purchasing the watch for themselves or for gifting it to others


Rolex is one of the leading Swiss brands of luxury watches, manufacturing high quality watches for men and women. The watches are assembled by hand from high quality components to ensure greater reliability and more accurate time keeping. Hence only a limited number of watches are manufactured annually, and the demand for Rolex watches often exceeds the supply. All new watches are only sold through Rolex official retailers. The Oyster perpetual lady datejust was first manufactured by Rolex in 1957,and have a size of 28 mm. A variety of models of the watch are available which vary significantly in terms of design and specifications. Hence buyers of the watch should check the model number and specifications before purchasing the watch. Some of the major differences in the watch models are discussed.


One of the major reasons why there is a significant difference in the prices of the lady datejust watches available is that different materials are used for manufacturing the watches. The watches are available in yellow gold, white or Everose gold, oyster-steel or Rolesor which combines oyster steel with one of the gold varieties, yellow, Everose or white gold. The Oyster-steel watches are the most affordably priced, while the gold watches are more expensive. Additionally,some models of the watches have diamonds embedded in them, on the dial, hour markers, bezels or the watch strap. The price of the watch will vary depending on the number of diamonds which are used, and the models with a diamond watch strap and diamond dial are far more expensive compared to the basic oystersteel models.


Depending on the personal preferences of the buyer they can choose a watch in different colors. The basic oystersteel watch can have a dark dial with light colored hour markers or silver colored markers and dial. Gold datejust watches are available with dials in different colors like yellow,light pink, brown, yellow and green. The metallic watch strap will also match the dial color. If diamonds are embedded in the dial, the dial will glitter. Additionally the user can choose from multiple options for hour markers. In some models, diamonds are used for hour markers while in other cases, roman numerals are used for each hour, so that it is easier to read the time. The diamond paved dial datejust is extremely expensive, so the buyer should finalize his budget before looking for a suitable watch.


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