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buy emerald
buy emerald

Emerald is green colored and precious gemstone. In regard of Vedic astrology, it is noted for success by wearing panna or emerald. As per astrological views, emerald can heal and balance energy. It has been believed by Vedic astrology that emerald crystal energy is utilized in releasing blockages and again heart cycle is balanced properly. Some dealers or sellers deal with pure gemstones like emerald or panna. People can buy emerald from reputed sellers with government certified gemstone. For dealing precious pure gemstones, Gem Selections is renowned brand. Emerald radiates green color which is completely different from other green colors. Emerald gemstone is available in mines of India, Zambia and Columbia. 

Astrological benefits of emerald gem 

Gem Selections has been awarded as best brand of gemstones in India. The company collects and deals with precious pure gemstones like emerald, ruby, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, diamond , pearl, red coral ,white sapphires cats eye etc. The emerald is one type of mineral of beryl by traces of chromium. The color of the stone is green due to presence of chromium. Beryl has hardness of 7.5 -8. Emerald buy online is beneficial for purchasers. People can buy it for wearing to achieve some astrological benefits. As per Vedic astrology, panna gemstone represents planet mercury which can offer intellect, happiness, hope and wisdom.

How benefits achieved by Emerald 

People holding faith in gemstones and astrology; can buy these precious Emerald gemstone for wearing. It is believed that wearer can gain thinking power and thoughts can be expressed in better way. As per Vedic astrology, creativity can be explored and imagination power is increased by wearer of Emerald gemstone. It can bring happiness and generates hopes in mind. It also represents symbols of love and affection. 

Wearing steps of Emerald

  • You should put Emerald in metal bowl and add items one by one.  These are ganga jal, raw cow’s milk without boiling, tulsi leaves, honey, ghee etc.
  • The weight of Emerald should be of 3, 6 77 rattis.
  • It should be worn by making ring by gold or, silver on ring finger.
  • Emerald should be worn in such way that it should touch skin
  • First wearing should start on Wednesday. The time of wearing should be sunrise or sunset.
  • During wearing of Emerald, you have to utter “OM BUDHYAE NAMO”.

Online buying of pure Emerald gemstone

Online buying with reputed seller is safe as they will offer certified stones only. People can select gemstones like Emerald and the weight can be expressed to sellers. Buy Emerald online for hassle free purchase with quality materials. The materials for orders will be delivered at doorsteps with great care. People can buy pure certified emerald gemstone by entering the website.You can contact Mr. Pankaj Khanna who is experienced for 30 years with gemstones .You can give a call for quality gemstones of all kinds with purity. They sell only precious and semi precious gemstones. This Gem Selections offers great options for buying Emerald gemstones.


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