Best New Tile Styles for 2021

Since there are many tile designs in the world today, choosing the right one can prove challenging. Tiles are no longer just pieces of ceramic that you have in your bathroom or kitchen. They pretty much enhance the design of the house when you use the right one. With multiple designs to choose from, you’re allowed to have your imagination run wild when it comes to tile style. In 2021, there are a lot of trends that have already taken shape. And here are a few best tile styles for the year.

Neutral Light Tiles

Most homeowners aren’t big on the idea of having bright colors on their tiles. The likes of blue, red among other bright colors doesn’t sit right. In 2021, especially, homeowners are looking to the likes of grey, beige, and cream as their go-to color for tiles. Picking up some neutral light tiles from Yeomans Bagno Ceramiche can brighten up rooms and also make the room have a relaxed feel about it. These neutral colors are also a hit when it comes to bathroom tiles as they give a sense of privacy and quietness.

Graphic Tiles

If you have a wild imagination, then you can have it run wild for a while with graphic tiles. This can tap into your creative sense by giving you a lot more color to play with. You need to have the right designer if this is to work for you, however. In 2021, where graphic tiles are involved, the popular choice is encaustic tiles. Not far behind are the porcelain styles, which have also seen an increase in popularity. You have to be bold with the colors when you go for the graphic tiles, as they don’t come with dull colors.

Hexagonal Tiles

With tiles in this day and age, it isn’t all about color alone; shape is also becoming a factor. You now have rectangular-shaped tiles as well as various shapes. And the one that is winning the popularity contest is hexagonal tile. The uniqueness of the shape makes it all the more desirable. And when you have several colorful tiles to play around with, the tiled areas will stand out. Hexagon tiles are mostly recommended for a large-scale use. You can use them for the entire floor.

Wood Tiles

A stylish wood deco isn’t easy to push out of your mind. This means that any wooden tile set up is likely to appeal to masses with a natural feel. With wood tiles, you also get to create various decorative ideas as they come in different styles. When using wooden tiles for your bathroom design, you need to use porcelain. It is resistant to moisture and dirt.

Matte Tiles

If you’re looking for a soft style that’s also powerful, then Matte tiles are the way to go. With ceramic tiles, you get a pretty overwhelming look that’s also glossy. That’s why Matte is quickly taking up the tile market space. These tiles are also easy to maintain thanks to the haze. These tiles also don’t reflect light making them ideal for quiet rooms. They are also ideal for large bathrooms as they are less slippery.

Finding Your Style

Today, there are a number of options to choose from where tiling is involved. You just need to find your style and can also have a creative feel about it.

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