What are the Benefits of breastfeeding for baby

Deciding to breastfeed is a completely personal decision that has to be taken by the mother herself. A lot of medical experts and WHO have always suggested that breastfeeding by mother should be for about six months as this is the most effective way for ensuring the child’s health and this also increases the children’s life. Breastfeeding is beneficial for not only for baby but also for mother, there are many benefits of breastfeeding to mother.The breastfeeding can last up to a year with the consumption of other food items starting at 6 months of age like vegetables, grains, fruits, and proteins.

Providing Ideal Nutrition

Breast milk is the ideal nutrition for infants. It is kind of a perfect mixture of different vitamins proteins and fat everything that a baby needs when growing. All of these things are there in a form that is more digestible by the infant in a formula of the breast milk. This milk provides everything that a baby needs during the first six months of life in proper proportions and the composition keeps on changing according to the needs of the baby especially in the first month of life. During the first few days immediately after the birth, the breast produces fluid called colostrum which is rich in protein, low in sugar, and loaded with different beneficial compounds. This milk is ideal for the newborn infant’s digestive tract. Further, as the baby grows the breast starts producing a larger amount of milk according to the baby.

Contains Important Antibodies 

This milk contains different types of antibodies, stem cells, white blood cells, and other beneficial bacteria which helps the Infant Fight all kinds of infections prevent multiple diseases and contribute to healthy normal development. As the mother gets more exposed to the virus or any bacteria she starts producing antibodies and then these antibodies get secreted into the breast milk and passed it on to the baby.

Health benefits

This technique of breastfeeding has a long list of health benefits where the infant-only receives breast milk. This milk also reduces the chances of diabetes and some kinds of cancers but more research is needed. It is considered that breast fat milk is very beneficial for the baby in all ways. It has been observed that the infants who take exclusively breast milk for an initial 6 months without any other formula have fewer ear infections, respiratory illness, and other diseases like getting infections. Intestinal tissue damages, Allergic diseases, and celiac disease and sudden infant death syndrome, etc are also avoided. They also have less chance of visiting the hospital and the doctors. 

Healthy Weight

This milk helps in gaining a healthy and good weight that prevents childhood obesity. Researchers have shown that this lowers the rate of obesity up to 15 to 30% as compared to other formula-fed babies. The duration of feeding months also plays an important role in the risk of obesity this is connected to the development of the gut bacteria as these affect the fat storage. the breastfed milk has more amount of leptin in the system which helps in regulating the appetite. These babies also regulate their milk intake and eat the only till the time they get satisfied with their hunger developing a healthy eating pattern. 

Other Benefits

The breast fat milk is also linked to increasing high IQ in the later childhood of kids. This is also considered to be a beautiful bond between the mother and the child where both of them feel secure and are connected to each other. The infants who are breastfed are more likely to gain the correct amount of weight during this growing age and not become overweight in any form. 

From generations, it is been said that breastfed milk is very beneficial for infants, at least till the age of six months must be given and can be increased up to one year with other things. This is a wholly personal choice of a mother but the suggestions say this is a better opinion for the infant.

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