Beginner’s guide for We Happy Few

The adventurous online video games are the buzz of the town, as interesting ones can find them they can be even more confusing as they start playing. The online games come in different formats and have a great narrative that creates an indulging story that sets a spellbinding game. The games usually get trickier as they advance and many of the elements cause a distraction to the player. The in-built components that require building, crafting, changing avatars, shooting, etc. though are overwhelming when you start off they get tough and create confusion to the player. Most players wish they had a guide to see how things go to understand the game and plan beforehand especially in horror and thrilling games like We Happy Few. Nonetheless, you can have all the fun by using We Happy Few cheat codes but read on this Beginner’s Guide, and you will find some incredible tips to kick-start your game and keep the adrenaline rush rustling.

This guide is simple and doesn’t have any spoilers!

Understand the plot – it is the key:

Every game is driven by the essence of a backdrop or a storyline, and We Happy Few is so because it is a narrative-driven game. The gameplay implies that the inhabitants of Wellington Wells are no longer happy. Wellington Wells citizens are made to perform something so gruesome that they become unable to be happy. We introduce joy at this point, but we’ll talk about it more later. Each character experiences life as one individual at a time, all of whom are connected somehow. It’s not the memories that they wish to forget, but the demons they’d like to forget. 

After witnessing Joy’s negative effects, and realizing they want a new life for themselves, you must help these characters break away from it in order to reclaim their lives and faded memories.

Joy the drug- take it wisely

A synthetic substance named joy enables a person to forget about his or her problems and enjoy life fully. Taking the addictive drug has numerous negative side effects and turns you into a mindless programmed bot. taking it is a prerequisite to becoming a citizen of Wellington Wells. People will punish, shun, and possibly even kill you if you don’t take it. As soon as your withdrawal from Joy is detected, you must flee or you will be severely punished.

Outfits are extremely crucial

 The game needs you to be focussed on the appearance. The outfits matter the most because Torn Suit in Wellington Wells is a big mistake. You better get dressed in a Proper Suit else the people would attack you thinking you are an outsider. So check your outfit if people are attacking you everywhere you go.


  • Certain areas of the game require you to have Joy installed on your system, or appear to have it. Although this isn’t the case in every town, you’ll find yourself needing to do so at times. There is, however, one danger to too much Joy: it can make you forget the memories you are trying desperately to recall.
  • Get to know the characters better as it will help you to unveil some facts and skills the characters have. Each of them has different skills but you need to unfold the mystery and strategically use their skills as an advantage for your game.
  • There are several ways to enhance a player’s skills in this game in order to make it easier. In many ways, this isn’t that different from other types of gameplay you’d find elsewhere. Your character may be enhanced by spending skill points earned from completing missions. Since skill points appear in tiny lettering at the bottom of your screen, it can be hard to notice when you acquire them. Remember to keep an eye on your skill point balance on a frequent basis. It is true that upgrades to your skills will simplify the game!

Few things to remember; don’t pick up things whenever you find them, only pick up things that are necessary and valuable. Also, make sure to sell the things you have found! Pile on medical supplies. Another important element is the weapon, don’t swing the weapon too much or you will lose stamina. Choose the weapons that will do the most damage against the toughest opponent from your arsenal.

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