A Guide for Leveling Up as a Wind Elemental Druid in Diablo 2 Resurrected

During the leveling process, our objective is to maximize damage output for rapid progression, have decent survivability so that you do not die too frequently, and have decent movement speed.

A Guide for Leveling Up as a Wind Elemental Druid in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Skills: As you level up, you will be able to put one skill point into each of your summoning skills, with the exception of the Spirit of Barbs skill. Maintain at all times a summoned Oak Sage as well as any other available summons. Invest points into Cyclone Armor and keep it equipped at all times to mitigate the effects of any elemental damage you take. As your primary means of attack, you should utilize Arctic Blast, followed by Twister, Tornado, and Hurricane. You should level up your Tornado and Hurricane skills, as well as their synergies, as they progress.

Perform well enough in both strength and dexterity tests to be able to equip useful equipment. Place all of your remaining point totals into the Vitality stat.

Useful Gear: Peasant Crown helm, Moser’s Blessed Circle shield, Lidless wall shield, Frostburn gloves, Lore Helm (Ort-Sol), Rain Armor (Ort-Mal-Ith), Stealth Armor (Tal-Eth), Smoke Armor (Nef+Lum), Spirit Sword, Spirit Shield, Ancient’s Pledge Shield (Ral-Ort-Tal), Rhyme Shield (Shael-

Important breakpoints

The gameplay is organized so that each second is made up of 24 individual frames, also known as “ticks.”The number of frames that pass before you are able to attack, cast a skill, recover from being hit, or block a new attack is determined by your breakpoints.

18 Frames 0%14 Frames 0%11 Frames 4%
17 Frames 3%13 Frames 6%10 Frames 10%
16 Frames 7%12 Frames 13%9 Frames 19%
15 Frames 13%11 Frames 20%8 Frames 30%
14 Frames 19%10 Frames 32%7 Frames 46%
13 Frames 29%9 Frames 52%6 Frames 68%
12 Frames 42%8 Frames 86%5 Frames 99%
11 Frames 63%7 Frames 174%4 Frames 163%
10 Frames 99%6Frames 600%3Frames 0%
18 Frames 174%5Frames  4%
17 Frames 456%4Frames

Aim for an FCR of at least 68% if you want to teleport quickly. In the best-case scenario, you should have endgame gear that is either 99% or 163% complete.

Strive for a FHR of at least 29%

You can receive 35% more FBR if d2r shields prices equip a Stormshield. You will be able to pass the 52% FBR threshold once you have socketed it with a Shael rune.

Develop your adaptability and make modifications.

Because both Hurricane and Tornado allow you to deal Cold and Physical damage, and because synergies are required for both of these attacks, there is not much room for variation in the attacking skills that you can learn. Solar Creeper can be used instead of Carrion Vine if you want to prioritize mana recovery, and Heart of the Wolverine can be used in parties if you want to help increase physical damage output.

Survival techniques and advice for the hardcore

You can increase your survivability by using normal or hell act2 mercenaries with defiance aura, as well as a variety of Diablo 2 Resurrected Non-Ladder Items that will assist you in surviving challenging situations

Skills that come in handy: Always have your Oak Sage cast so Diablo 2 Resurrected ladder rune can take advantage of the life increase it provides. Keep a cast of Cyclone Armor ready at all times to mitigate the majority of the elemental damage taken. Use the walk attack instead of the run attack so that you have a better chance of avoiding being hit by monsters. Additionally, teleportation should be your go-to method of movement.

Items that are helpful: Because of its Battle Orders and Battle Command skills, which have the potential to significantly improve your life, Call to Arms is unquestionably the best option for a secondary weapon. In conjunction with a Verdungo belt, a Stormshield for Shield can be utilized to achieve a higher block rate and a lower amount of physical damage taken. If you want to further improve your survivability, you can use a Phoenix weapon to gain a redemption aura and heal continuously. This will allow you to survive longer. Additionally, Harlequin Crest Shako can be utilized for your needs. If you want to make yourself almost immune to elemental damage, you should wear Guardian Angel armor to increase your maximum resistance. Additionally, you should wear items that absorb elemental damage, such as The rising sun amulet (fire absorption), Dwarf starring (Fire absorption), Hellmouth gloves (Fire absorption), Wisp projector ring (lightning absorption), Thungergod’s Vigor belt (lightning absorption), or Raven Frosting (cold absorption).

Defensive requirements:

I recommend the following in order to have a high likelihood of survival:
Achieve a total resist level of 75 on Hell. Items such as Annihilus, the Hellfire Torch, Shako enchanted with the Um rune, Stormshield enchanted with the Um rune, Chains of Honor Armor, Mara’s Kaleidoscope, 5 Allres Small Charms, and 15 Allres Grand Charms are among those that may be of assistance.

It is helpful to have dexterity if you want a higher chance to block.
If your character is Hardcore, it is absolutely necessary for them to have a physical damage reduction of 50% and to wear items that absorb elemental damage. It is recommended that you equip the Guardian Angel Armor, which provides 90 percent all resistance, and upgrade as many unique items as you can for increased defense. It is also suggested that the FHR breakpoints be reached at either 29 or 42%. Make sure that your belt is loaded down with potions of full rejuvenation.

Strength of your stats should be just adequate for you to be able to wear your items.

You might not even need to spend stat points on it if you have the Hellfire Torch, Annihilus, and Enigma, in addition to the stats on other items.

Dexterity — Only what’s necessary to put on your gear. If you want to improve your survivability and block chance, you might want to consider adding extra points to it.

You should put all of your remaining points into your vitality.

Energy: You shouldn’t use any of your points on this.

You can re-stat your character by using the Token of Absolution, which is a quest D2R items from Akara’s Act1 Den of Evil Quest, or by using the quest reward from that quest.

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