An overview of the biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market

 The biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market has been expected to grow with a compounded annual growth rate of approximately 7% in the years to come. Many contract manufacturing organizations are companies that help to provide services to all the other companies in the industry on a contract basis. These companies help to provide a comprehensive-based service that ranges from the development of drugs to the manufacturing of drugs. All the major biopharmaceutical companies can also outsource this aspect of the business so that they can focus on the discovery of drugs and the marketing of the drugs.

 Most of the biotechnological industries have now opted for this option so that risk is reduced. At present, more than 230 companies are offering such kinds of services for biopharmaceutical’s companies. Following are the segmentations which have been made under this market:

  • Segmentation based upon product and its type: Under this category, it has been classified into the peptides or proteins, the biosimilars, the antibodies, the vaccines and the others category.
  • Segmentation based upon geographical areas: Under this category, it has been classified into the five major regions which are mentioned as follows:
  1. North America which is further classified into Mexico, Canada and the United States
  2. Europe which is further classified into Italy, Spain, UK, Germany, France and the rest of Europe.
  3. The Middle East and Africa which is further classified into South Africa, GCC and the rest of the Middle East and Africa.
  4. The Asia-Pacific region which is further classified into India, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and the rest of the regions.
  5. South America which is further classified into Argentina, Brazil and the rest of South America.

 Following are some of the trends associated with this market:

  • Under the antibodies segment, a huge growth is expected: The antibody therapy uses the antibodies so that certain cells are bound and the immune system of the patient is improved. This accounts for approximately 20% of all the deals and there has been the development of about the seven new products. Under the buyer pharmaceutical sector, it is expected to show great growth in the years to come. The technological advancement in the industry also helps to boost this particular segment.
  • North America also holds a significant share and the same is expected in the years to come: North America holds a great share in the global market because of the presence of a large number of biopharmaceutical companies that have large production capacity. The total research carried out in this area has fuelled the growth in the overall industry.

 The biologics contract manufacturing involves some of the few major players. Hence, many companies are offering these kinds of services regarding the proteins, vaccines and antibodies. The mammalian cell manufacturing is considered to be the most popular in comparison to microbial expression-based systems and similar trends are predicted to come in future. So, this market has a huge scope.

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