A Travel Lover’s Guide to the Best Places for Christmas Vacations This Year.

Long-lasting streets covered in snow are always an incredible idea in December. You cannot get over the festive combination of red and white during the last annual months. Finding the best places for Christmas vacations is not about exploring nature.

People prefer December for planning holidays only to see how countries celebrate Christmas. Of course, every nation showcases a unique style of inviting Santa Claus. Children and adults are passionate about the decorations and jingle bells during this season. 

It is for this reason that you may add unique travel destinations to your bucket list. Recognized travel operators all over the internet offer the best travel discount codes for holidaymaking. It is because some celebrations are worth the cost of an airline ticket.

Surely you will feel the urge to see the most luxurious Christmas lights in the world. Merriments can be dreams happening for real if you get a chance to enjoy them in the right way.

The Best Places for Christmas Vacations

Are you interested in planning a Christmas trip to witness things you have never seen? The icing on roads of glittering cities will make the best of memories if you try. From snowy landscapes to hanging mistletoes, find everything you need.

From heavenly skyscrapers in the United States to classic markets in the United Kingdom, travel wherever you want.

Sydney, Australia

You cannot skip Sydney in December. Travel lovers out for a Christmas holiday have seen no lights unless they witness Sydney’s winter lights. Residents here wait all year for the festival only to enjoy the enchanting view of 85,000 sparkling LEDs. 

The event occurs at the famous Pitt Street Mall Boulevard of Light. Visiting here will help you come across an entire month of celebrations. From November 23 to December 25, jingle bells!

Montreal, Canada

Wander for an unforgettable European vacation and land in Montreal. China is among the best places for Christmas vacations. It has everything you may need in December. The city has its word for tourism during winter.

Travelers can understand the true essence of savoring in cozy French restaurants here. Also, you can travel here without packing any gifts. Last-minute Christmas shopping is highly known for this city. The Notre-Dame Basilica here is recognized as the most stunning church ever.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Whisky is a considerable enough reason to plan your Christmas in this city. Nonetheless, it offers much more than the booze during the winter season. Tourists are attracted to the holiday markets at East Princes St. Garden. Also, adventure welcomes you for skiing at the Pentland Hills Regional Park.

Holidaymakers can also visit the Andrew Square for ice skating. Ask people, and they will recommend you to sit for lunch at the Edinburgh castle. If you are not short of time, wait here for the New Year. You may witness fireworks you will regret missing.

Vilnius, Lithuania

The best places for Christmas vacations will keep reminding you of the festival. Vilnius can welcome you to its winter wonderland in the last month of this year. The city owns a Christmas train weaving through Old Town and projects 3D nativity stories on buildings.

Also, the Christmas villages here are filled with local goods and tasty treats. But most important here are the astonishing Christmas trees. In 2019, the city decorated an 88ft tall tree with 6000 branches.

Nuremberg, Germany

Nothing in the festive season sounds more charming than Christmas markets. Likewise, no one takes these markets more seriously than German residents. The country is famous for its Christkindlesmarkt and brings millions of visitors each year.

This market owns more than 180 side by side stalls at the Hauptmarkt. You can visit here for toys and trinkets. Also, the gingerbread treats of this market are recommended. While travelers are passionate about the atmosphere, dark nights add everything to its charm. You will love shopping for loved ones in this city.

London, England

Christmas in London is dreamy and offers a great discount deals for an everlasting charm. It is known as one of the best places for Christmas vacations. From the Georgian townhouses to the attractive pubs, everything about this city is marvelous in December.

Adventure lovers can celebrate the icing on every London Street. You can rent skates to glide across the frozen 18th-century old courtyard of Somerset House. Also, the spot is incredible for all Harry Potter fans. Enjoy the sight of snow-covered Hogwarts and plan a Harry Potter Studio Tour in this city.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is not listed among the best places for Christmas vacations. It is because the city does everything in style. The location is recognized for celebrating. Tourists are crazy about its tree lights that happen all over the town. Also, its Christmas markets are worth the wait.

You can plan your trip to wander around the Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa with your partner. Another idea is to spend the month exploring Five Palm Jumeirah. It was previously known as Viceroy and loved by many.

Cape Town, South Africa

Are you looking for the best places for Christmas vacations without any snow involved? Of course, the sight of Xmas tree under the sun can be overwhelming. Visiting Cape Town is the best option in this case. You cannot ignore the weather of Southern Hemisphere in December.

Wandering around the African Christmas markets is impressive. You do not have to wear any scarves and coats while roaming around the streets. Also, it is famous for the Christmas Eve dinner a day before and lunches on the very day.

Final Words

Christmas is overwhelming as a festival. It sets up a pathway that connects people around the Xmas tree for fun and blessings. Of course, the sight of frozen streets has its charm. Nonetheless, not every country is famous for celebrations and Christmas lights.

Try to finalize a location from these if you are out for making memories. Anyone can set up lights and hang treats for Santa Claus. But, if you want to party hard under the mistletoe, then book your flights now!

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