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7 Stunning indoor plants that will Decorate your New Home

You have no space to create a garden but still, you can enjoy the tropical beauty at home by setting indoor plants in homes. houseplants are very useful in filtering the air and provide you the cleanest air to breathe. As well as indoor plants beautify the home and make you feel good when you are surrounded by plants. In one study it is proven that people surrounded by plants help to encourage good thoughts and also help in improving concentration. They have calming and sedative properties that make you sleep earlier as well. If you are a beginner and you have no idea about what type of houseplant for a healthy home is required you must read this article. Here we provide you the list of popular indoor plants that can decorate your home. 

1. Aloe vera 

There are endless benefits of growing aloe vera in homes. This miracle plant is just not acknowledged for its beautiful appearance but also known as the best indoor plants for health. Aloe vera helps in treating various types of skin diseases. Aloe vera is an attractive succulent plant that can be sustained for a longer period. It does not require too much care just you have to keep it away from direct sunlight rays. Shadow of sunlight continues feeding the plant. There are too many species of aloe vera plants available in the indoor plants’ delivery shop. Ignore the potted plants instead try to pot the plants so that you can learn about growing indoor plants. 

 2. Spider plant 

The spider plant is another most popular and attractive plant use for decorating homes. The spider plant is easy to grow. This carefree plant can be grown into pots or hanging baskets too. Its spiky leaves grow in abundance. Spider plant needs a well-drained pot but make sure it has a drainage hole. From small to large all types of spider plant species available in nursery shops. Put spider plants in the indirect sunlight or you use artificial light for its growth. 55 and 80F is an ideal temperature. Prune the spider plant if you don’t want to spread it more. From big leaves to small leaves there are too many varieties available in nursery shops to send plant online Water deeply but frequently when the soil gets dry. 

 3. Peace Lily 

The peace lily is the best plant for flower-loving people. You can enhance the beauty of the home by decorating your home with the stunning peace lily plant. Just not its flower, its leaves also be the center of attraction. This low maintenance plant is easy to care for. Peace lily plants help in purifying the air by absorbing harmful chemicals like benzene, xylene, carbon monoxide, and so many others. Peace lily flower spreads alluring fragrance that helps you make sound sleep. I suggest choose a decorative plant to give a perfect makeover to your home in Germany. 

 4. Snake Plant 

A snake plant is a very common plant use to decorate homes and offices. The snake plant is very easy to grow and it can thrive in any type of soil and climate. Snake plants can also bear dry air and this is why people choose to grow snake plants. Snake plant has long-standing leaves which can consume small space. Snake plant fatty and long leaves absorb the toxins from the air and help you breathe pure and fresh air. Snake plant is the best plant for bedroom, main hall, or kitchen. It just needs water and indirect sunlight for proper growth. 

5. Jade Plant 

If you are invited to the housewarming ceremony you can choose jade plant terrarium or a potted plant to order housewarming gift delivery. It is one of the most beautiful plants available for gift delivery for all types of occasions. jade plants are long-lasting succulents that can be survived for the years to years with good care. Jade terrarium plant to hanging plants to potted bonsai plants, there are different species available to place an online order. Jade plant thick leaves absorb the toxins and filters the home air. 

6. Pothos Ivy 

Pothos Ivy is a vining plant that can enhance the beauty of your home for years to years. Water and proper sunlight and they are ready to makeover. Its green leafy trailing vine will give pleasant decor to your fences, pillars, walls, and trellis in Germany. Its broad heart shape leaf arouses pleasant and peaceful feeling. Water deeply but frequently when the soil gets dry.

7. Dracaena 

You can easily decorate your new home or office with the Dracaena plant. Dracaena plant is a carefree plant and is a very popular plant for adding beauty to your homes. Dracaena plant petals are large and spread like a flower. It can bear harsh sunlight and freezing climate too. But maintain the ratio by giving it in direct sunlight to give it longer shelf life. You just need to water it when the soil gets dry. You can also use hanging pots to adorn the balcony.  

Change your home into tropical beauty by decorating home with green leafy plants. They just not improvise your home but also the best indoor plants for clean air. All these houseplants need little care and grow smoothly in your home. So start decorating home with a houseplant and make your home a healthy and happy home forever. 

pavan Kumar
Proud organizer. Food nerd. Extreme thinker. Evil alcohol expert. Falls down a lot. Freelance music buff. Explorer.

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