7 Best Healthy Drinks for Weight Loss

Overweight is one of the major problems all over the world. According to the stats, published by WHO, almost 1.9 billion people were suffering from overweight problems in 2016. This overweight problem leads to type 2 diabetes, blood pressure problem, cancer, and heart diseases. According to the 2016 research study, obesity and overrate contribute to the early death of the person.

By making changes in your diet you can easily fight against the obesity and overweight problem. For doing so, you have to say goodbye to the sugary and carbonated drinks. Instead of these drinks, you can consume healthy drinks. Thanks to the top nutritionists in Karachi who helped me to lose weight by using these drinks.

7 Best Drinks for Losing Weight

Those 7 drinks that will help you to lose weight quickly are tea, water, juices, and protein drinks. These drinks contribute to weight loss by decreasing hunger and increasing metabolism. Let’s get into the details of these drinks below.

1.       Green Tea

The first drink that will help you to control your weight is green tea. Green tea is best for boosting your immune system also. Green tea contains antioxidants and caffeine that boost metabolism and contributes to weight loss by burning fats. There are various other ways to loose weight such as Private Gastric Balloon Surgery and Private Gastric Bypass Surgery.

The best time to take green tea is early in the morning or two hours before and after the meal.

2.       Black Tea

Black tea is also beneficial for weight loss like green tea. It also contains the flavonoids which contribute to boosting metabolism. Besides this, black tea is also helpful for the heart’s health, controlling cholesterol, sugar level, and blood pressure in the body.

The optimal time to take black tea is after the meal because if you will take it on an empty stomach it may cause acidity.

3.       Water

Water is not just for quenching thirst but it is also an energy drink that helps in losing weight. Drinking water with an empty stomach helps in removing the waste from the stomach. Water boosts metabolism and aids in burning calories.  

You have to drink at least 2 liters of water every day and there is no proper timing of drinking the water. Although it is better to drink water before the meal.

4.       Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks

Besides water, apple cider vinegar drinks are also helpful for losing some extra pounds. These drinks are also helpful for controlling cholesterol, diabetes, and blood sugar. It contains acetic acid which helps in losing weight however such drinks also improve teeth health.

Like water, the best time to drink apple cider vinegar is before the meal as it will allow you to eat less. food.  

5.       Ginger Tea

Besides green and black tea, ginger tea is also good for overweight people. Ginger tea is also an immunity booster and helps in preventing viral diseases. It also contains the anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing the inflammation.

The best time to take ginger tea is in the morning. In case you are having flu and sore throat you can also take ginger tea and it will soothe your throat.  

6.       High-Protein Drinks

High protein drinks also aid in weight loss. Protein drinks reduce weight by reducing daily calorie intake. It is also helpful for reducing blood pressure and the risk of type 2 diabetes.

The best time to drink the high protein shake or drinks is during the exercises or early in the morning. Drinking protein shakes during exercise will promote muscle growth.

Drinking a whey protein shake for breakfast can be a quick and convenient way to squeeze more nutrients into your diet and increase your protein intake. Please note, it’s important to add nutrient-rich ingredients like fruits and veggies to your shake and pair it with a healthy, well-rounded diet to maximize its potential benefits. 

7.       Vegetable Juice

The last drink that is also a weight loss drink is vegetable juice. Drinking vegetable juice decreases the carbohydrates intake which promotes weight loss. Vegetable juice is rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

The best time to drink vegetable juice is during breakfast however you can also take this drink during lunch and dinner.

Summing Up

Losing weight is important for avoiding any chronic diseases. Therefore it is important to consume those items that contribute to weight loss. Drinks like green tea, black tea, ginger tea, water, and a protein shake all are rich in nutrients and help in losing weight. If you are not taking any one of these drinks then start using it now.

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