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6 Real-Life Game of Thrones Locations to Visit

2019 brought us the end of one of the most iconic TV shows ever made. That’s right, the final Game of Thrones season ended this year. Of course, the ending had mixed reactions from fans. Regardless, everyone is still hungry for more GoT content. HBO announced several spinoffs, but there’s no word as to their release date. In the meantime, you can satisfy your GoT cravings with a trip to Europe to visit actual GoT locations.


Visit these Real-Life GoT Locations and Relive the Show 

Many of the recurring scenes that we remember, such as the Iron Throne, were actually shot in the studio. But for most other scenes, the crew jetted off to Spain, Croatia, Iceland, and Northern Ireland. Some of the most iconic scenes were shot in frigid temperatures in remote, icy, and snow-filled areas. I really don’t know how I would survive months of shooting in such climates, without creature comforts like hot coffee and the Cox customer service number to get access to Wi-Fi hotspots. But when you’re an actor or actress in the biggest TV show of all time, you can stand a few scenes in the cold. 

 Others were shot at cultural heritage sites in Spain and Morocco. All in all, if you’re really into Game of Thrones, and you can’t wait for the spin-off shows to drop, reliving the show could be an option. And if that’s the case, a backpacking trip across Europe to these iconic GoT shoot locations might be just the thing you need:

  1. House Tyrell’s Seat of Power – Highgarden 
  2. The Oldest of the Free Cities – Volantis 
  3. Where Ser Jorah Fought In an Arena – The Great Pit of Daznak 
  4. House Martell’s Seat of Power – The Water Palaces
  5. House Greyjoy’s Seat of Power – The Iron Islands     
  6. The Slave Cities – Pentos and Yunkai 

Read on to find out where these iconic scenes from Game of Thrones were shot in real life. 

House Tyrell’s Seat of Power – Highgarden

Highgarden is home to Princess Margaery’s family, House Tyrell. The Tyrells are allied to House Baratheon (or is it Lannister), and play a crucial role in the Seven Kingdoms. We first catch a glimpse of this castle or keep in GoT Season 7 Episode 4. You may remember Jaime Lannister captures the castle, which is actually Castillo de Almodovar del Rio, located in Cordoba, Spain.  

The Oldest of the Free Cities – Volantis 

According to GoT lore, Volantis is the oldest, largest, and was once the most populated of the Nine Free Cities. The city is a major port and has a dubious outlook on the slave trade, something that Westorosi kings do not allow. In the show, Volantis is also secretly funding the Sons of the Harpy, in an effort to undermine and possibly assassinate Daenerys. The iconic long bridge scene was shot in Cordoba, Spain at the famous Roman Bridge. 

Where Ser Jorah Fought In an Arena – The Great Pit of Daznak 

We all remember the Great Pit of Daznak from Season 5 Episode 9. Located in Mereen, the Pit is a source of entertainment for the elite, where slaves fight gladiator-style battles to the death. We see Ser Jorah Mormont step into the Pit to fight for Daenerys’ honor in a gripping action sequence. The real-life location was in Seville, Spain, specifically the Osuna Ring, which is a famous bullfighting arena. 

House Martell’s Seat of Power – The Water Palaces

The Water Palaces are the home of House Martell, to which the fan-favorite Prince Oberyn belongs. Hailing from Dorne, at the southernmost end of the Seven Kingdoms, the Martells are a powerful House and even had a daughter married to Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. The Water Palaces are an actual location in Spain called the Alcazar de Sevilla. 

House Greyjoy’s Seat of Power – The Iron Islands

Of course, if we are going to discuss seats of power, we have to discuss Theon Greyjoy’s home, the Iron Islands. In GoT, the Iron Islands are a bleak, hard, and unforgiving place, and the inhabitants are even worse. Theon’s father, Lord Balon Greyjoy, actually declared himself a king before being knocked down a few pegs by House Stark. The real-life location for these islands was in Northern Ireland, at the Ballintoy Harbour. 

The Slave Cities – Pentos and Yunkai 

We see a lot of Slaver’s Bay in the fifth season, and two of the locations stand out the most. Pentos and Yunkai are big names in the slave trade and have amassed a lot of power and wealth during the centuries. However, when Daenerys arrives, the rules of the distinctive red-clay cities change completely. Both Yunkai and Pentos are actually the same fortified location in Morocco, called Ait Ben Haddou. 

Game of Thrones fanatics understand what the show means to us. I remember my neighbor actually yelled at his sister because she was hogging the bandwidth checking out cox bundle prices when he wanted to stream Game of Thrones. If you are of a similar mindset, you won’t be disappointed visiting these gorgeous locations this year. Have a fun trip!

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