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5 Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

Staying hydrated is key to passing kidney stones and preventing the formation of new ones. When you drink plenty of fluids, the liquid flushes out toxins, and at the same time, moves kidney stones and grit through your urinary tract. 

While drinking plain water is sufficient to help you with at-home kidney stone treatment, you can also add some other ingredients for increased benefits. However, remember to drink a glass of water right after the flavoured remedy. Water helps the ingredients to pass through your system. 

There are many home remedies for kidney stones. Make sure you consult your doctor before trying out any of these. The best kidney stone doctors can evaluate if home treatment is a good idea for you or if it can further complicate your health condition. 

Home Remedies for Kidney Stone Treatment

  1. Water

When you need to remove a stone, increasing water consumption can help to fasten the process. Try to drink a minimum of 12 glasses of water each day instead of the regular 8. 

After successful kidney stone removal, you must continue to intake 8 to 12 glasses per day. One of the main reasons for kidney stones is dehydration. If you have passed a kidney stone, you don’t want another one to form, and therefore, your water intake must remain high. 

Also, keep a check on the colour of your urine. It must be pale or very light yellow. If the colour is dark yellow, it is an indication of dehydration. 

  1. Lemon juice

It is a good idea to squeeze some fresh lemons into your water. Lemons consist of citrate, which is a compound that does not let calcium stones form in your body. Moreover, citrate breaks up small stones, making it easier for them to pass. 

You will need to consume a large number of lemons to make a significant impact. However, you can see improvements with even a few. 

There are many other health benefits associated with the consumption of lemon juice. These include benefits like restricting the growth of bacteria and providing Vitamin C to your body. 

  1. Basil juice

Basil contains acetic acid. This acid helps in alleviating pain, one of the most prominent kidney stone symptoms. It is also packed with nutrients. The plant has been in use for several years for remedying digestive and inflammatory conditions.

Basil juice consists of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents. These assist in maintaining kidney health. 

You can make fresh basil juice in a juicer. Alternatively, you can boil a few fresh or dried basil leaves to prepare a tea. You can drink several cups of this basil tea per day.

It is vital to note that you cannot consume medicinal basil juice continuously for 6 weeks at a time. Overconsumption of the juice can result in lower blood pressure, increased bleeding, and lower blood sugar. 

  1. Apple cider vinegar

Similar to basil, apple cider vinegar is also a source of acetic acid. The intake of apple cider vinegar helps to dissolve kidney stones. Moreover, the liquid helps to reduce kidney stone pain

Apple cider vinegar also offers other health benefits, such as lowering blood sugar levels, maintaining diabetes, eliminating harmful bacteria, and more. If you want to enjoy the benefits, take a 6 to 8-ounce glass of water and add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to it. Drink this liquid throughout the day. 

One 8-ounce glass of water and vinegar is sufficient for the entire day. You should avoid consuming more quantity. Another way of consuming apple cider vinegar is by adding it to your favourite salad dressing or pouring it directly onto your salads. 

You must consume apple cider vinegar in optimum quantity. Ingesting it in larger amounts can cause osteoporosis and low levels of potassium. 

  1. Pomegranate juice

If you want to know how to dissolve kidney stones, an age-old remedy is pomegranate juice. The juice improves overall kidney function and flushes out toxins and stones from your body. Being rich in antioxidants, the juice helps maintain the kidney’s health and restricts the development of kidney stones. 

Pomegranate juice can reduce the acidity level of your urine. Lower acidity levels decrease the chances of kidney stones. 

You can drink as much pomegranate juice as you’d like throughout the day. However, you must avoid the juice if you are taking medications for blood pressure or rosuvastatin. 

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Final Thoughts

It may not be comfortable, but you can pass a kidney stone on your own. If you have excruciating pain, you can consult a doctor and take over-the-counter pain relievers. Be sure to continue your kidney stone treatment until the removal of the stone, and avoid the consumption of alcohol. 

You can include these remedies in your routine and continue to follow the same even after the stone passes. Continuing the consumption of fluids can avoid the formation of any further stones.

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