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4 Facts About Facelift Surgery That Might Surprise You

Like most of the cosmetic surgery procedures, Facelift surgery as well is guarded with myths and false information that puts it under speculation. Nonetheless, several individuals go through this procedure and are happy with the end results.

However, the procedure of lifting du visage can be non-surgical as well. However, the promising results are more likely to be achieved from the surgical method. Many individuals dread getting under the knife because of misguided information related.

Here we are presenting some hardcore facts about facelift surgery that may surprise you. So, without further ado let’s start with the list, shall we?

1.    Enhances overall facial appearance

A good facelift surgery performed by an expert professional can give you an enhanced facial look in the most natural way. An expert will perform the surgery in such a way that the flawed deep structure of the face is repositioned to give you an improved look.

A well performed facelift surgery can even make you look younger. Also, the impressive results achieved post-surgery will last you for many years to come.

2.   Facelift primarily focuses on lower facial portion

One thing that you must know about facelift surgery is that the surgery is not performed targeting the entire structure of your face. Hence, it would be imprecise to expect curing all ageing complaints.

The doctors primarily target the lower portion of your face such as neck, jawline and jowls to achieve the desired results from facelift. However, if you want some work done around your eyes then you have to combine the procedure of facelift with an eyelift surgery.

However, it is actually a wise decision to opt for both surgeries at once since the recovery time will be shorter. Make sure to discuss the details of the surgeries with your doctor.

3.   Non Surgical facelift procedure is a myth

There we said it. Even though there is the option of availing nonsurgical facelift the results from it is next to nothing. The primary result obtained from a lifting du visage procedure is tightening of neck, jawline and smoothed jowls.

While the nonsurgical facelift which is primarily the method of fillers does the job of plumping the skin. This has an impact on the wrinkles that smoothens them out. But the main criteria of facelift remains unfulfilled. Only a surgical procedure is the right facelift treatment.

4.   Facelift does not remove wrinkles or aging spots

As mentioned above facelift procedure is for the purpose of tightening up the skin and improving the overall facial structure without giving off an unnatural look. However, if you expect the disappearance of wrinkles or any other aging spots then you would be disappointed.

Facelift will only tighten your jawline, neck and smoothens the jowls. If you want to remove aging signs then you must combine facelift with other cosmetic procedures like Botox or Fillers.


We bet you didn’t know about the above listed facts about facelift surgery. Similar to other cosmetic procedures facelift surgery has also garnered some misinformation that many people tend to believe. But before you make an assumption regarding it, make sure you do some research and find out about the facts related to it.

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