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4 Amazing Pools Worldwide to take Inspiration from

Installing a pool in your backyard is a big investment; it rewards you with all those “Special & Happy Moments” spent with your kids, relatives and friends. 

If you are planning to construct a private pool in your house, we enlist the top four incredible swimming pools from which you can take a little inspiration and come with something unique & creative ideas. 

 Let’s Check-Out:- 

#1 Marina Sands, Singapore

Marina Sands is the world’s largest infinity-edge pool that appears to float like a ship on the rooftop across three towers. 

The incredible view of the sunset amidst the clouds is captivating and has the uncanny ability to leave anyone amazed. 

You’ll dare to look from the top; it’s fifty-seven stories. 

It comprises 422,000 pounds of stainless steel. The interior of the pool is finished with ceramic tiles. If you’ve your rooftop, then you can certainly use their idea on a small scale. 

 #2 The Gilded Iguana, Costa Rica

Just 300m from the beach, this pool is an outdoor pool of true class. 

In the swimming pool, they’ve incredibly designed pool rooms, people from all over the world come to witness it; so it is virtually living in the pool. This is arguably the biggest USP of this swimming pool. You can also employ the concept of a floating room in the pool, if you have ample backyard space. 

#3 Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali, Indonesia

Is there anything better than infinity? The answer is two infinity pools together. The human-made jungle surrounds the swimming pool at a little height. 

This kind of design you can implement in your backyard, install an above-ground pool with greenery around it. The big palm trees, and ornamental grass is an excellent choice for pool landscaping. The greenery will also provide cool breeze respite on a scorching summer afternoon. 

#4 San Alfonso del Mar, Algarrobo, Chile

You cannot call it a pool; it’s three thousand three hundred feet long and covers a surface area of twenty acres. They maintain a comfortable temperature of 26 degrees all-year-round and rival to South Pacific Ocean blue-colored water. 

At Atlantis, Bahamas, you can go kayaking, snorkel, sail a boat, or scuba dive. If you’ve a beach house at Malibu, then you should think about replicating this incredible merge of artificial and natural water bodies. 

Your pool is incomplete without accessories 

A solar pool cover is a value-for-money investment if you want to save money while running your pool every day.  

A solar cover acts as a passive solar heater; it captures the sun’s rays and converts them into heat by raising the pool water temperature by 10 to 15 degrees. It further curtails down on evaporation, keeping the pool water warm even on a cool night. Thus, it dramatically reduces the heating costs, and at the same time, extends your swimming season. 

As a solar cover minimizes evaporation, it saves on water loss and lowers the use of chemicals. You can substitute a solar blanket for an expensive dehumidification system to prevent evaporation. 

A pool enclosure can also be worth considering if you wish not to invest in a solar pool cover; the former keeps the pool clean, trim down evaporation and chemical loss.

You can install outdoor furniture, pool house, water features and many other creative accessories. 

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